Young & Pregnant
Season 1, Episode 4
Young and Hungry - Episode 1 0
First Aired July 16, 2014
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Production Code 1004
Writer(s) Andrea Abbate
Director Robbie Countryman
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"Young & Pregnant" is the fourth episode in Season 1 of Young & Hungry. It aired on ABC Family on July 16, 2014.


While cooking an elaborate engagement celebration for Caroline and Josh, Gabi is horrified to realize she may have a bun in the oven. And things go from bad to worse when Yolanda and Elliot mistakenly believe Caroline is the pregnant one – and immediately tell Josh.

Episode Summary

Gabi was in the kitchen preparing tea for Caroline and Caroline came down the stairs. Gabi  told Caroline:"Who's ready for some hot tea". Gabi then told Caroline that she will say hot and she want Caroline to says tea but, Caroline looked  at Gabi awarkardly and didn't do that. Gabi told her that she is hiped
because this is her first time making that tea,

but when Caroline looks at her angry Gabi corrects herself that she does that all the timebut not for her and that she's a proffesional. Caroline told her that she hopes it will be perfect because if she does not lose one friend out of jealousy it will be a complete failure. Gabi starts to laugh but then she got that Caroline wasn't joking. Gabi then presented what she has prepared for all the guests.

Gabi then told Caroline that only tradition at her house is avoiding grandma when she says something racist. Gabi mentions  that she bought a new bra because she went up for a one cup size. When Caroline told her that her sister got a bigger cup size was because she was pregnant. Gabi got scared that she might be pregnant. Minutes later Gabi opened door for Sofia because she brought her pregnancy test. Gabi was
nervous and she went to the bathroom to pee on the test. When she came out she had one minute to panic and she did. When Josh came to talk to Gabi she quickly hide the test behind her back and she told Josh that Sofia is here to help her cut sandwiches into triangles. When Gabi looked on the test Josh asked what is that?  She lies and says it's a

spoon and then she put into Sofia's coffee and started mixing it. Gabi tried to convince Josh to go away so she can look at the test. When Josh left Gabi looked at the test and it was positive but she knew it was ruined and she threw it away.

Later Gabi was freaking out and she was eating. When Yolanda and Elliot were talking Gabi listened and came closer. Gabi tried to tell Yolanda and Elliot that they can't tell anyone anything and that he's freaked out by the party. Gabi then talked to Yolanda that why did she say that to Josh and that she told her not to say anything. And then she told her that it was her test and that it came from the night that she an Josh had
sex. Gabi wanted to tell Josh but Yolanda told her not to.

At the party Gabi offered champagne and then Sofia came with a new pregancy test. Gabi then went to the bathroom to pe and she did and then they waited for the results. Gabi told Sofia that she can't be pregnant and have a baby and that she is still a baby. Gabi looked at the test and she fell on the floor and started crying but those were the happy tears becasue she find out that she's not pregnant. everyone then left their plates on Gabi. Gabi then ran to Elliot and she pushed the wheeler for a baby.

Then when they all saw the wheeler and Gabi then  started to complicate that she had to take a pregnancy
test because she "slept" with another guy "Edward". Then she left. Then they all cheerd for the horse. On the end Gabi and Josh talked and it was awkward. Later at Gabi and Sofia's apartment they were both eating cupcakes and Sofia told her that maybe that's because she went up for a whole cup size.


Main cast

Recurring cast

Guest cast

  • Ingel Catindig as Flower boy
  • Michelle Meredith as Noreen
  • Ryan Alvarez as Guest 1
  • Hina Khan as Guest 2


  1. Cupcakes
  2. Champagne deviled eggs with caviar
  3. 3 types of scones
  4. Almond-crusted baked eggplant

Title & Production


  • Filming for this episode started on May 1, 2014.


  • Gabi thought she was pregnant, which she wasn't, so that's why the title has the word pregnant in it.


  • Sofia comes to Josh's apartment for the first time.
  • Caroline and Josh's horse is calle Juju junior.
  • Gabi mentions the Twilight Saga, when she says she slept with a guy with pale skin, is mysterious and glows in the sunlight, referring to Edward Cullen. One of the guests mention the name of the movie/saga.


Music featured

  • CM French (theme song)


Gabi: Why did you say something, I told you not to say anything. And then you just tell Josh everything.
Yolanda: I couldn't let the gossip, piglits stel my thunder again. I mean when I fireman came to cut father and lual from the apartment, Elliot broke the news. When Mr. Laurenstein became Mrs. Laurenstein Elliot broke the news. It's my turn. And how can you care so much anyway.
Gabi: Because go, It's not actually completley Caroline's pregnancy test.
Yolanda:' Then who's test is it?
Gabi: It's kind of completley mine.
Yolanda: What? Oh hell no!Wait that doesn't come from the night that you and Josh... Oh hell no.
Gabi:Caroline! Who's ready for some high tea? I say high you say tea. High...
Caroline: Don't.
Gabi: Sorry I'm just kind of excited this is my firet time making a high tea. I mean for you I do this all the time, i'm a proffesional.
Caroline: I hope so because this has to be flawless. If I don't lose at least one friend out of jealousy it will be a complete falior.
Gabi: Hahahaha. Oh you're not kidding. Well don't worry I got it all covered. I made three types of schounes, made a traditional....
Caroline: What about my friends who don't eat gluten?
Gabi: Champagne deviled eggs with caviar.
Caroline: And the ones who eat vegan.
Gabi: Almond-crusted baked eggplant.
Caroline: And what about the only ones who eat raw?
Gabi: I'm hoping they don't come.
Caroline: Excuse me?
Gabi: I said at your service mom.
Gabi: Oh dang god you're here. Do you have the pregnancy test? I'm freaking out.
Sofia: Ok just calm down. You can't be pregnant you and Josh used protection. Right?
Gabi: Absomaybe.
Sofia: Are you freaking kidding me?
Sofia: Did you pe on it?
Gabi: Yeah and a little on my hand

Sofia: Ok we have one minute till we find out the results. Which gives you one minute to freak out. Go.
Gabi: How did this happen? I mena I know how it happened. But why did I let it happen. I finally got my dream job which is gonna lead me into my dream career and I'm even gonna have my own cook book. All dining with debt.
Sofia: Ok ten seconds.
Gabi: And now all can be ruined because of one stupid drunken mistake. Well I'm mean I know I'm being negative but I'm scared the test will be positive.
Sofia: And time up. Do you feel better?
Gabi: No.
Sofia: Ok time to see it...
Gabi: Josh!! Hey this is my rommate Sofia. Sofia Josh. Josh Sofia.

Sofia, Josh: Hey.
Gabi: Yeah Sofia is helping me cut the sandwiches into triangles.

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Young & Hungry - ALL NEW July 16 at 8 7c Official Preview

Young and Hungry Full Episodes Episode 4 Young & Pregnant Season 1 July 16, 2014 New

Young and Hungry Full Episodes Episode 4 Young & Pregnant Season 1 July 16, 2014 New

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