Young & Munchies
Season 2, Episode 3
Young & Munchies
First Aired April 8, 2015
Production Code 2003
Writer(s) David Holden
Director Katy Garretson
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"Young & Cookin'"
"Young & Old"
Young & Munchies' is the third episode of the second season of Young & Hungry.


Gabi and Sofia are discouraged that they haven't gotten as far in their careers as they would like, so they decide to take action. Gabi's plan involves reaching out to Logan Rawlings (guest star Ashley Tisdale) about writing a food article for her magazine. But Logan's idea of a topic involves Gabi cooking with a special ingredient. Meanwhile, Elliot is upset to learn that Yolanda makes more money than he does, so he decides to ask Josh for a raise.

Episode Summary

At the start of the episode, Gabi and Sofia come home to their apartment after a trip to the farmer's market. Sofia mentions that they don't deserve the kale they bought and Gabi quips, "I want to kale myself." They're upset that they ran into "Thin Lip Lizette" from high school, who now owns a lip balm empire and they become depressed
that they're 23 and washed up. They decide it's a wake up call to network with successful people and Sofia suggests to Gabi that she writes a food article for Logan Rawlings, a magazine editor who Gabi hopes can get her to the next level.

Back at Josh's home office, Yolanda and Elliot offer sympathy to Josh, who has had a rough few weeks with his wedding to Caroline being called off and Gabi getting back with Cooper. He hands Yolanda and Elliot their paychecks, switching them by accident and giving them the wrong checks. Gabi walks in with groceries and tells everyone that Logan wants to meet with her to discuss a food article. When Cooper calls Gabi and they sweet talk on the phone, Gabi calls him her, "Super Cooper Bear." Josh looks at Yolanda and Elliot and tells them that he's not fine, and going to his office to put on his noise cancelling headphones. Deep down Josh pines for a relationship with Gabi.

Gabi goes to meet with Logan, played by Ashley Tisdale. One of the first things Logan requests of Gabi is that she stops kissing her ass. Logan demands that Gabi give her a "Unique and hip take on the San Francisco
food scene that hasn't been done before." When the conversation goes south, Gabi desperately rattles off food ideas and Logan thinks she hears Gabi mention "Pot cakes," and Gabi plays along agreeing she said that. Logan tells Gabi that marijuana edibles are all the rage right now and she wants an article and recipe that hides the taste of pot. Logan requests a 500 word piece in two days and if it's good she'll print it in the next issue of her food magazine.

Gabi comes back to her apartment to share her success story with Sofia, who also has good news about an interview with the managing partners for a promotion. Gabi yells out, "Let's celebrate with a big bag of marijuana!" After some discussion about how to obtain the pot, they decide to just go get a medical marijuana card and get some pot from a local dispensary, Herb Your Enthusiasm. Gabi, nervous that she needs a real ailment for her card, wears a neck brace. Gabi gets a consultation with a half ounce for $200 and she's all set to cook with pot.

Elliot, having seen Yolanda's paycheck, wants a raise and he's upset that Josh is paying his housekeeper more than him, his publicist. He goes to see Josh about a raise, but Josh turns the conversation into a talk about how he needs to keep things professional with Gabi. Meanwhile Elliot is sweating and nervous and never gets to properly ask for his raise.

Gabi starts cooking with pot at Josh's house and Yolanda walks in, asking her if she's crazy for doing so. Gabi
assures Yolanda that she has Josh's permission to cook with the weed. Yolanda warns Gabi not to eat too much of what she's making because it's potent. Gabi tells Yolanda that she has to sample the items and she'll be fine. Josh comes down into the kitchen and Gabi goes to hug him and thank him, but the situation turns awkward. Gabi calls Josh a hero, but Josh prevents Gabi from hugging him and says that he's just her boss, "Who thinks of you in a completely professional capacity only." Gabi jokes that Josh seems stressed and she's going to put aside some of her pot edibles for him.

Gabi meets with Logan who tries out her edibles. She bites into one and exclaims, "Son of a bitch, are you sure there's marijuana in this?" Gabi tells her, "Tons, it's like a Seth Rogan movie in there," as she points to the food. When Logan is told by an employee that their food editor quit, she offers the job to Gabi who accepts the offer. It turns out that it was just a dream, and Gabi has sampled too much of her marijuana edibles. Josh wakes her up in the laundry room, where she's asleep on a pile of clothes on the floor. Gabi, disheveled, is devastated to find out she's not the new food editor of "San Francisco Monthly." Gabi missed her deadline because she was stoned, and she jokes, "This stuff should be illegal."

Gabi goes home to her apartment where Sofia is studying an executive training manual. Frustrated that she blew her shot with Logan, Gabi is about to throw away her edibles, but Sofia tells her not to waste anything. Sofia grabs them and pops what looks like a tiny muffin into her mouth and eats it. Gabi warns her they're strong, but Sofia says, "Bitch please. You think lil So-So's afraid of a little chronic?" Sofia thinks they're delicious and she comes up with an idea to sell the edibles back to the dispensary for a profit.

At the dispensary the man behind the counter jokes, "They make me wish I wasn't already stoned." He offers $5 a piece and they bargain back and forth. They settle on $9 each, two vaporizers and Sofia gets her passport copy notarized. Sofia sees her boss Mr Stubner at the dispensary and they talk awkwardly at first, but he tells her that she has good negotiation skills. Gabi offers him a quiche and Mr. Stubner gives Sofia the promotion without an interview. Unfortunately, this was another dream sequence and Gabi's strong marijuana edibles
caused Sofia to miss her morning interview. Sofia and Gabi sit on the couch for a moment, depressed, and then run off to their jobs.

Elliot meanwhile has a plan to ask Josh for a raise, but Yolanda thinks he's crazy. Elliot has recorded his voice onto his phone and plans to lip sync the speech to Josh, so he's less nervous. The plan is ridiculous and Elliot looks like a bad Kung Fu movie. Gabi makes Josh a special lunch and thanks her for letting her nap for 5 hours on the laundry room floor. Gabi asks Josh how he deals with failure. Josh tells her it sucks, but you pretend you're fine, which buys you time. Josh tells Gabi that eventually you find out everything happens for a reason and there's something better out there. Gabi replies, "Something better than cooking with drugs?" The two awkwardly hug and Josh clarifies their relationship as "Boss-friend."

In the final scene of the show, Elliot asks Josh for a raise via a request written down on stationary. Josh gives Elliot a raise, who now makes what Yolanda makes plus one dollar. Josh tells Elliot that he can come to him and talk about anything. Elliot asks Josh to take his shirt off, and Josh agrees. The lighting turns the office into a disco and Josh dances for Elliot. For the third time in the show, the gag is that someone ate Gabi's edibles and fell asleep. Yolanda wakes up Elliot on the laundry floor, his face and jacket full of marijuana infused quiche crumbs.


Main Cast

Special Reccuring Star

Guest Cast

  • Rizwan Manji as Cashier/Doctor
  • Kenneth-Michael Glass as Raphael
  • TBA as Demetri
  • Laird Macintosh as Mr. Stubner


  1. Pot cupcakes


  • Table read was on January 5, 2014.[2]
  • Filming started on January 6, 2014.
  • Filming wrapped with a live audience taping on January 9, 2014.[3]



  • This is the third episode of season 2.
  • Logan Rawlings returns.
  • Gabi and Sofia want to make something out of their lives.
  • Elliot is suprsied that Yolanda has a better pay check than him.
  • Elliot is to scared to ask Josh for a raise.
  • Gabi gets a chance to write an article for Logan's magazine.
  • Gabi has to write an article about cooking with pot.
  • Gabi fakes an injury to get drugs from doctor's order. 
  • Everyone kept having dreams in this episode.
  • Gabi and Sofia's enemy, Lizette, is mentioned. She is later shown in the season 5 episode, Young & Bridesmaids.
  • The episode Young & Lesbian is mentioned.
  • The 80's band Wham! was mentioned.

Music Featured

  • "I Like That" by Shridha and Sidh Solanki (theme song)


Sofia: We've got to start emailing all the successful people we know to help us get to the next level.
Gabi: Yes, I'm doing that right now. Okay. Wow, I don't know any successful people...Ooh, do you remember Logan Rawlings?
Sofia: The lesbian magazine editor - you fake-dated to help Josh.
Gabi: Yeah! She's totally successful and could totally help me get to the next level. What is the next level?

Gabi: Whoever said success doesn't happen overnight has never spent the night with me. Logan wants me to write an article for her magazine.
Sofia: Oh my God, and I got a meeting with one of the managing partners to talk about a promotion.
Gabi: That's amazing. Let's celebrate by buying a big bag of marijuana.
Sofia: Uh, what?
Gabi: Oh, my article's about cooking with pot.

Sofia: Call me Lil So-So.

Yolanda:I had a friend get so high, she had sex with a beanbag chair.


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