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The series follows wealthy young tech entrepreneur Josh (Jonathan Sadowski), who hires a feisty young food blogger named Gabi (Emily Osment) to be his new personal chef. Desperate to keep her new job, Gabi must prove her skills to Josh and his personal aide Elliot (Rex Lee) of whom would prefer a celebrity chef for the job instead.

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Young & Bullseye.png
Young & Bullseye

Wanting their boyfriends to become friends, Gabi and Sofia organize a double date. But when the guys don’t hit it off, their conflict spreads to Gabi and Sofia. Meanwhile, Yolanda meets a handsome doctor when he confuses her with his online date. But needing help to keep up the ruse, Yolanda enlists Elliot and Alan as coaches.

Young & Motorcycle.png
Young & Motorcycle Gabi is excited when she inherits a motorcycle, remembering how she used to ride one all the time. But when she shows off her new bike to Josh, his reaction is not what she expected. With things with her new boyfriend going well, Sofia is nervous about taking the next step in their relationship, especially when all of their plans seem to go awry.


Young & Magic.png
Young & Magic

Josh decides to finally reveal a deep secret to Gabi – he’s a magician. While initially supportive, Gabi becomes frustrated when Josh’s magic takes over their lives. Sofia is terrified to introduce her stern grandmother to her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Yolanda’s pen pal is being released from prison, and wants to meet in person.

Young & Yacht'in.png
Young & Yacht'in In the series finale, Josh takes the gang for a getaway on his new yacht, where Gabi hits it off with the yacht’s chef (Alex Guarnaschelli – playing herself). When Alex offers Gabi an amazing opportunity, it ruins Josh’s plans. Meanwhile, Sofia has a terrible misunderstanding about her boyfriend and Elliot and Alan meet a flirty steward.


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Josh Kaminski
He is is a wealthy young tech entrepreneur and a tech millionare, who is looking for a great chef to cook for him. When he hire Gabi he asks her to prepare a great dinner so his girfriend would say yes when he proposes to her.

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