Young & Handsy
Season 5, Episode 14
Young & Handsy
First Aired June 27, 2018
Production Code 1014
Writer(s) David Holden
Director Andy Cadiff
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"Young & Communication"
"Young & Mexico"

Young & Handsy is the fourteenth episode in season 5 of Young & Hungry. It premiered on June 27, 2018.


Gabi panics that her relationship with Josh is over when it seems that the spark has died – and that Josh may be getting his needs met elsewhere. Elliot and Yolanda go to extreme lengths to score coveted tickets to a Bruno Mars concert, and Sofia moonlights as a driver for a ride-share company.[1]


Main Cast


Josh: Praise then ask.
Eliot: Oh my God you're so smart and pretty, can you get us into Bruno Mars?
Gabi: I love you.
Josh: I love you more.
Josh: (to Gabi) You're stuck with me. I'm not going anywhere.
Gabi: You're not?
Josh: No. I love you Gabi.
Gabi: I love you too.


  • This episode premiered the same night as Young & Communication, on June 27th.
  • Josh and Gabi have been dating for at least 5 weeks.[2]
  • Yolanda and Eliot try to get Bruno Mars tickets.
  • Josh and Gabi's relationship isn't over and he tells her that she is "stuck with him and he's not going anywhere".


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