You know what? I was about to walk outta here, and then I thought... "Why? Why am I leaving? I did an incredible job." I worked my ass off for you. I got you in a room with Rooster, which led you to getting the most viewed article in Clikd history. If that's not closing the deal, then I don't know what is. You know what? And I'm gonna leave you with one last thought. This whole issue you have with "I'm sorry"? I'm not sorry. But you're gonna be. Because you are losing the best damn assistant...
— Sofia's plea to Logan Rawlings

Sofía Rodríguez
General Information
Full name Sofía María Consuela Rafaela Rodríguez
Nickname(s) Lil So So (by herself)
Working Girl (by Yolanda)
Girl (by Gabi)
Despirate (by Josh)
My Florida Gator (by Juan Carlo
Gender Female
Birthdate May 29, 1992
Age 26
Resides in San Francisco, California
Occupation Soul Spin Instructor (formerly)
Personal assistant to Logan Rawlings (currently)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Affiliations Gabi
Josh Kaminski
Elliot Park
Logan Rawlings
Family and Friends
Parents Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
Relatives Benjiman Rodriguez (brother)
Becky (aunt)
Unnamed Grandmother
Romances Nick Walker (Boyfriend, In Love With)
Juan Carlo Rodriguez (ex-boyfriend)
Kenilworth (former crush)
Ruben (ex-boyfriend)
Jake Kaminski (ex-boyfriend)
Rick (ex-boyfriend)
Josh Kaminski (kissed)
Dick Jacoby (dated)
Kendrick ( former crush)
Friends Gabi Diamond (Best Friend/Roommate)
Josh Kaminski
Elliot Park
Enemies Lizette (Highschool Frenemy)
Production Information
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance Young & Yacht'in (show)
Young & Hungry Movie (officially)
Portrayed by Aimee Carrero

Sofia Maria Consuela Rafaella Rodriguez is one of the main characters in Young & Hungry. She is Gabi's best friend and roommate.

She is portrayed by Aimee Carrero.


Sofia is Gabi’s pretty, sharp-witted roommate and best friend. She’s an ambitious career girl who’s determined to do more than fetch coffee for the senior partners at her firm. Sofia is thrilled about Gabi’s potential job with Josh because it means she’ll have access to his insanely wealthy circle of potential clients, but no matter what happens, Sofia will keep encouraging her friend to follow her dreams. Sofia is of Latina origin.


Sofia is an ambitious career girl, who is a Soul Spin instructor, because of her tenacious ability to scream at people . She is Gabi's good friend and she supports her cooking. Her personality is very strong. She can stand up by herself and she always stands by what she says. She is a very smart and creative girl.

Physical Appearance

Main article: Sofia Rodriguez/Appearance

Sofia is Gabi's best friend, who lives with her in an apartment. She is medium height girl with beautiful long brown hair and brown eyes. Sofia was a bank intern. That's the job that she loves and is good at. She is very confident and can stand up for herself.

Character History


Gabi Diamond

Best Friend

Young & Downtown Gabi

Sofia is Gabi's best friend. She supports her cooking and she would do everything for her. They live in an apartment and they share the rent. Sofia helps Gabi to get through her trouble with Josh, who she has feelings for. They have been friends since seventh grade and once in episode Young & Secret they has a huge fight but they made up. Sofia often tells Gabi what she should do when she mess up. In Young & Third Wheel, Gabi always invites Sofia to join her and Josh when he and Gabi are having dates so Gabi sets on a date with Dick Jacoby and Sofia and Gabi are spending time together even though Gabi is dating Josh and Sofia doesn't have a boyfriend at this point, meaning their friendship means a lot to them both. Sofia gets mad at Gabi in Young & Mexico when Gabi takes Sofia to Mexico after she forgets Sofia's birthday. For this, Gabi introduces Sofia to Juancarlo, who becomes Sofia's boyfriend and Sofia forgives Gabi. Gabi helps Sofia be with Juancarlo in America even though its a crime to smuggle someone into the US. In Young & Mexico Part 2, Sofia tells Gabi she is no longer interested in Juancarlo as he is so different in the USA unlike in Mexico. When Sofia reveals she now has feelings for Nick Walker - the lawyer the girls had for help with Juancarlo - Gabi (and Josh) helps Sofia break up with her boyfriend Juancarlo and helps her start dating Nick.(See Sabi)


Close Friend

Yolanda and Sofia met in episode Young & Pregnant when Sofia brought Gabi a new pregnancy test. Yolanda kind of likes Sofia, she also wanted to set her son Derek up with her. Sofia also does a really good impersonation of Yolanda.

Caroline Huntington

Close Friend

In the episode Young & Secret Caroline and Sofia find out that they have a lot in common so they become good friends. Sofia even sleeps one night at Caroline and Josh's apartment. Caroline invites Sofia to the Lorde concert. On the end they kind of end their relationships when Caroline comes to Sofia and Gabi's apartment and sees how small it is.


Derek was originally set up to go on a date with Sofia in Young & Getting Played, but he couldn't go through with it because he was in love with Cheryl. Sofia accepts the fact that he is not interested and they appear to become friends, though she does flirt with him throughout the episode.

Josh Kaminski

Close Friend

Sofia & Josh (5x10)

Sofia refers to Josh as a babe when she first meets him. Sofia often pokes at the fact that Gabi slept with Josh, and is very supportive of her friend and her feelings for him. She also suspects Josh's feelings for Gabi and has blatantly called him jealous. They seem to get along well and become closer friends as the series progresses. They kiss in Young & Amnesia when Josh gets amnesia and thinks he likes Sofia.

Juan Carlo Rodriguez


Sofia meets Juan Carlo in Young & Mexico when he serenades her as a birthday gift from Gabi when they visit Mexico for Sofia's 25 birthday. Sofia and Juan Carlo fall in love, but have to say goodbye since Gabi and Sofia have to return to America. Gabi smuggles Juan Carlo back to America for Sofia, but they get caught. Josh later gets Juan Carlo to come and see Sofia , but this is after she has met Nick Walker - the lawyer the girls wanted help from to get Juan Carlo to come to the USA - who Sofia has made out with even though she is dating Juan Carlo. Sofia must now choose between Juan Carlo and Nick, but Sofia realises that everything has changed between her and Juan Carlo now that he is in America and Juan Carlo leaves to go back to Mexico after 1 day as he isn't happy with Sofia here. Sofia and Juan Carlo break up after Sofia chooses Nick over Juan Carlo

Nick Walker

Boyfriend/In Love With

Sofia & Nick (5x17)

Nick is Sofia's boyfriend in season 5 and they meet in Young & Mexico Part 2. Sofia and Nick start off badly as he is not being supportive about Jean Carlo and when they are arguing about him wanting to be supportive, (and she doesn't think he's being nice even if he is) Sofia and Nick end up making out in her apartment, revealing she now has feelings for him even though she is dating Jean Carlo. This causes Sofia to choose between the two men. Sofia chooses Nick when she realises she likes him now and not Jean Carlo anymore. Sofia and Nick make out in Josh's office, revealing they are now a couple. Sofia and Nick go on a double date with Gabi and Josh in Young & Bullseye and Nick says he loves Sofia.


Season 1

Season 2


  • She is Gabi's best friend.
  • She was a bank intern and taught spin class, but now works as the personal assistant for Logan. 
  • She is very ambitious.
  • She helps Gabi.
  • She lives in an apartment with Gabi.
  • She watches The Hunger Games.
  • She kind of likes Derek.
  • She loves Lorde.
  • She sleeps with a baseball bat next to her in case anyone ever breaks into their apartment.
  • She does not appear to have a car.
  • She is referred to as stable and put together compared to Gabi.
  • She has a younger brother Benji.
  • She loves to eat.
  • She was supposed to be a virgin but she isn't. (her parents think she is)
  • She 'quit' her job as a Bank Intern but turns out she got fired.
  • She got dumped by Ruben.
  • She was unemployed when she lost her job as a bank intern.
  • She thought Josh's brother was cute.
  • She calls herself lil soso.
  • She can't cook.
  • She does not have a drivers license.
  • She is 3 weeks younger than Gabi.
  • She starts to work as the assistant to Logan Rawlings in Young & Sofia.
  • Her dream wedding vacation is Aspen. (Young & Amnesia)
  • She seems to be pat Spanish since she is able to speak this in Young & Bridesmaids and due to her name.
  • Her new love interest in season 5, Dick Jacoby, is portrayed by Aimee Carrero's real life husband, Tim Rock.
  • She has been best friends with Gabi since 7th grade.
  • She believes that the only people who don't use Facebook are criminals, hoodlums, and her aunt Becky who lives in the forest.
  • Sofia's favorite type of ice cream is mint chocolate chip.
  • Her grandmother visits in Young & Magic. Sofia calls her grandmother Abuelita.


  • Sofia: is a female name derived from σοφία, the Greek word for "Wisdom". The name was used to represent the personification of wisdom.
  • Maria: is a female (but occasionally male) given name in many diverse cultures. It means "wished-for child", "beloved", "love", "star of the sea".
  • Consuela: From Consuelo: is a female given name meaning "solace", "hope" and "consolation".
  • Rafaella: Rafaella is an Italian female name taken from the male name Rafael, meaning "god has healed".
  • Rodriguez: Rodríguez is a Spanish patronymic (meaning Son of Rodrigo) and a common family name (surname) in Spain and Latin America. Its Portuguese equivalent is Rodrigues.


Sofia: You're more like a Ho Ho acting like a Ding Dong.

Sofia: Ah, six bags of groceries. You've either got the job or you finally clean up your car.

Sofia: And if that goes well, I get promoted!!!

Gabi: Wait what?

Sofia: If I bring Josh Kaminski and his rich friends to Garber, Sue, Carr, Baker, and Riz, they'll change the name to Garber, Sue, Carr, Baker, Riz, and Rodriguez.

Sofia: Stop that, you've gotta be confident, Ok, like I am at work, when I deal with the partners, I don't second guess myself. I march right into a meeting, I look them straight into their eyes and I say Here's your coffee! Nobody has to tell me how they want it, No, Gary wants cream, Shirley wants sugar and Bob wants to stare at my boobs. Confidence, boom!

Sofia: A black Amex? Ahh, you know what they say, Once you go black, you never go back!

Sofia: If I bring Josh Kaminski and his rich friends and his clients to Garber Stuckenbaker and Riz, they'll change the name to Garber Stuckenbaker, Riz and Rodriguez.

Sofia: Stop that, you've gotta be confident, okay like I am at work, when I deal with the partners, I don't second guess myself, I march right into a meeting, I look them straight into their eyes and I say here's your coffee. Nobody has to tell me how they wanted, no, Gary wants cream, Shirley wants sugar and Bob wants to stare at my boobs. Confidence, boom!

Sofia: You're more like a ho ho, acting like a ding dong. Snap out of it. Okay he's your boss, not some guy you have feelings for.

Sofia: Gabi get it together, today is the first day of your dream job. Ok it's a stepping stone to a one day being a modern, blonder way hotter Julia Child. So I say this from the bottom of my heart. Don't screw it up.

Sofia: Ow, I went to work this day made a coffee, a couple of phone calls, have my boss's shoes re sold, you went to work and had two lesbian dates with Logan Rawlings, the editor of San Francisco Monthly. How crazy and glamorous is your life?

Sofia: C'mon Gabi let's go. Happy Hour is almost over. I want cheap appetizers and hot guys or hot appetizers and cheap guys.Either's cool as long as one of them is covered in ranch.

Sofia: Well A that's the sound that horse makes. And B the petting zoo is a cool new bar in every chockroals for saturday nights. So all we have to do is wear cute outfits and get guys to drink like we do on weekends anyway but now we'll get paid!!

Sofia: I am Sofia Maria Consuelo Rafaela Roduigez, and you're done!


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