"This chef's gonna get personal."
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Season 2
Premiere Airdate March 25, 2015
Premiere Episode Young & Too Late
Finale Airdate November 24, 2015
Finale Episode Young & Christmas
No. of Episodes 21
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Season 2 is the second season of series Young & Hungry. It was announced on September 29, 2014.[1] Season 2 premiered on March 25, 2015.[2]In an interview Emily revealed that this season would have 21 episodes.[3]


Season 2 starts right where season 1 left off. We see how Josh is too late to stop Gabi from going to China with Cooper. After she's back he finds out that Gabi never listened to his message he sent her explaining her he loves her. But after a few episodes he tells her anyways. The rest of the season follows their awkward relationship, introduces Josh's younger brother and Sofia's younger brother whom Gabi likes both but ends up with Josh's brother who she really likes ad starts a small food truck business. Meanwhile Elliot finaly gets the man of his dreams and even gets married. This season also features special guest stars Keegan Allen and Ashley Tisdale. Season 2 has a special Christmas episode.


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# Title First aired
1 Young & Too Late March 25, 2015[4]
Gabi is freaking out about why Josh called the wedding off and searches for a sign if she should be with him or Cooper , but it's Sofia who makes a surprising discovery. Meanwhile, Elliot has a big date with the wedding florist and ends up bringing a forlorn Josh along.
2 Young & Cookin' April 1, 2015
Gabi wonders if her JOB is in jeopardy when she learns Josh has a new woman in his life that loves to cook for him. When Josh doesn’t ask Gabi to be the chef for an important client dinner, Gabi decides a “cook-off” is the best way to keep her job. Meanwhile, Yolanda makes a date with the building window washer.
3 Young & Munchies April 8, 2015
Gabi and Sofia are discouraged that they haven't gotten as far in their careers as they would like, so they decide to take action. Gabi's plan involves reaching out to Logan Rawlings (guest star Ashley Tisdale) about writing a food article for her magazine. But Logan's idea of a topic involves Gabi cooking with a special ingredient. Meanwhile, Elliot is upset to learn that Yolanda makes more money than he does, so he decides to ask Josh for a raise.
4 Young & Old April 15, 2015
Gabi hears its Elliot's 40th birthday, she's determined to make it special for him and his boyfriend Andre. But Gabi's plans end up causing problems between them, and her attempts to fix her mess only make it worse - alarming Josh, who needs Elliot to get him through an important interview. Meanwhile, Yolanda decides she wants to teach her ex-husband Coleman (guest star Cedric Yarbrough) a lesson, but ends up getting more than she bargained for.
5 Young & First Time April 22, 2015
Gabi and Cooper finally decide to consummate their relationship, until Cooper finds out that Gabi and Josh slept together. Josh is worried about Yolanda's rekindled relationship with her ex-husband Coleman.
6 Young & Moving April 29, 2015
Josh's new and much older girlfriend Shauna (Kylie Minogue), is hiding a secret from him. Gabi and Sofia have planned a way to get the new larger apartment recently put to rent when the Dmitri (Jim Pirri), their landlord shows feelings for Yolanda.
7 Young & Ferris Wheel May 6th, 2015
Gabi's late mother's birthday approaches and after finding out that Shauna hasn't spoken to her adult daughter Danielle (Abbie Cobb) in years, Gabi goes out of her way to reunite the mother and daughter. However, a secret involving Josh may ruin the reunion. Meanwhile, Elliot asks Yolanda to watch him sleep to see how he behaves in bed.
8 Young & Sandwich May 13th, 2015
Gabi sets Sophia up with Ruben, a "man in a suit". Once Sofia leaves with joy, Gabi find out that Ruben works as a sandwich. Yolanda announces that she is dating a guy named Marco, who used to date Elliot. Meanwhile, Josh admits he still has feelings for Gabi, after being conflicted about Caroline's engagement announcement.
9 Young & Pretty Woman May 20th, 2015
Gabi contemplates between Josh and Cooper when Josh finally admits to having feelings for Gabi. Cooper, feeling rejected, reveals the truth to Gabi about Josh. Meanwhile, Allan opens a karaoke bar, which Elliot disagrees with, and proposes to his boyfriend, having regret not doing this twenty years ago.
10 Young & Part Two May 27th, 2015
Having to deal with the aftermath of the karaoke party, Gabi auditions for an apprenticeship for chef Charles D'Arby (Hal Ozsan). She fails her audition, but redeems herself by showing the chef her talent. Moreover, Gabi deals with Josh's revelations and agrees to think about a date with him. Just as she was about to leave for the engagement party of Allan and Elliot, Gabi receives a phone call from the chef. He offers her the apprenticeship in Switzerland for six months. She accepts and leaves that night
11 Young & How Gabi Got Her Job Back August 19th, 2015
Gabi has returned from her internship in Switzerland and is anxious to face Josh after how things were left between them. But Josh insists he's fine and encourages Gabi to take a job with his new neighbor. But when Josh thinks his neighbor might have a thing for Gabi, he takes to spying to learn the truth.
12 Young & Back to Normal August 26, 2015
Gabi meets a cute guy (Keegan Allen) but worries she won’t be able to date him unless Josh is also dating someone. So she sets Josh up with her cute neighbor Sarah but then fears she made a terrible mistakeb. Meanwhile, Alan needs a bingo host for the karaoke bar, so Elliot drafts Yolanda but neglects to tell her it’s “Drag Queen Bingo.”
13 Young & Unemployed September 2, 2015
After being passed over for a promotion at the law firm where she works, Sofia quits her job. Gabi then tries to convince Josh to hire Sofia for a paid internship. But when Josh decides to to go with a different applicant, Gabi lies to Sofia saying she got the job, seeing how devastated she is after Ruben breaks up with her. Gabi tries to keep up the facade so Josh and Sofia will not find out. Elliot's mother (Jodi Long) visits thinking that Elliot and Josh are a couple.
14 Young & Oh, Brother September 9, 2015
Sofia's younger brother Benji stays over at the Gabi and Sofia's apartment, looking a lot more handsome from the last time Gabi saw him, with Gabi immediately having a crush on him. However, Sofia is completely against the idea of Benji and Gabi dating. Benji is also harboring a big secret, that will affect Gabi's crush on him. Meanwhile, Josh and Yolanda throw a last minute bachelor party for Elliot.
15 Young & Earthquake September 16, 2015
Seeking advice from a psychic named Madame Paulette (Cleo King), Gabi and Sofia get caught up in the crazy premonitions. After an earthquake hits San Francisco, Josh becomes terribly afraid of stepping into an elevator. Alan and Elliot want to have a child
16 Young & How Sofia Got Her Groove Back September 23, 2015
Still discouraged about being unemployed, Gabi brings Sofia along for a night of hotel and spa enjoyment. Sofia then has a one-night stand with a stranger, with the guy leaving Sofia an envelope of money thinking that she is a prostitute. Elliot and Yolanda take a spin class to get a picture with Jake Gyllenhaal. Josh dates the instructor of Elliot and Yolanda's spin class, who he later thinks is only into men with large male endowment, making Josh insecure.
17 Young & Trashy September 23, 2015
Gabi gets a last-minute gift for Josh to celebrate his new app launching. At a thrift shop, Gabi and Sofia buy him a black turtleneck, à la Steve Jobs, to give Josh confidence. Only to find out that the turtleneck actually did belong to Steve Jobs and is worth a lot, with Gabi and Sofia doing all they can to get it back. Josh is creeped out by a look-a-like bobblehead that Yolanda gave him.
18 Young & Doppelganger September 30, 2015
In order to pay for a an very expensive blender, Gabi temporarily rents out her and Sofia's apartment without Sofia's consent to Gracie (Kimberley Crossman) and Sam (Josie Loren), best friends who are vacationing for the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade. This disagreement between Gabi and Sofia causes a rift in their friendship. Meanwhile, Josh is out of town to give an ED Talk (a parody of TED Talk). Everything goes well for Josh until a fellow speaker steals his corny joke, leading to embarrassing results. Elliot and Yolanda get worn out from celebrating Gay Pride.
19-20 Young & Younger Brother Part One / Young & Younger Brother Part Two October 14, 2015
Josh asks that Gabi let Jake learn from her, despite the fact that Gabi is tasked with the responsibility of making the appetizers for Alan and Elliot's wedding. Gabi and Jake soon fall for each other, with Josh once again questioning his romantic feelings for Gabi. Elliot becomes annoyed at Alan deciding every aspect of the wedding. Yolanda loses Elliot's wedding ring. Jake forgoes Josh's insistence on going to a prestigious culinary arts school and spends the money instead on a food truck for himself and Gabi, much to Josh's chagrin. Alan and Elliot must prove to Rabbi Shapiro (Joel Brooks) that they are fit to be married.
21 Young & Christmas November 24, 2015
Gabi wants Yolanda to make up with her sister, Jolanda (Jackée Harry), this Christmas, but later is tricked by her sister into believing she is homeless and causing Yolanda to be conned by her sister and her boyfriend Gary (Phil LaMarr). Sofia feels guilty about not speaking up about getting an undeserved discount on expensive bag from Matilda (Mindy Sterling), an incompetent cashier. Elliot feels lonely on Christmas, with Alan out spending time with his family on a Jewish cruis


  • The premiere was Young & Too Late and the finale was Young & Christmas.
  • It consisted of 21 episodes. It's also the first season to have 20 episodes and to be split into 2 parts, the second being season 5.
  • The first half was known as 2A and the second half was 5B.
  • This is the first season to feature a christmas episode.


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