General Information
Full name Mike
Gender Male
Occupation Mechanic
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black, brown
Family and Friends
Enemies Yolanda
Elliot Park
Production Information
First Appearance Young & Car-Less
Portrayed by James Earl
Mike is a guest character in series Young & Hungry.


Mike is a mechanic that has it's own Mechanic studio where he also sells used cars. He likes to tricks his costumers for them to give him more money.

Appearance in Young & Hungry

Young & Car-Less

Mike was at his mechanic studio fixing cars. Then Josh came and he wanted to buy Gabi a new car or try to get it fixed. Then Mike told him what's wrong with the car and how it's unsafe and that he wouldn't let his mother drive it.  Then he told Josh that for ive hundred dollars he can get him a new used car. Later Gabi and Josh came to his studio and Mike told them that he is not giving them her car back. But then he told them that for ten thousand dollars he would and then he raised it to twenty and then to thirty. Again hours later Yolanda and Elliot came into the studio and they wanted to buy a car for not much money. But Mike quickly knew that they are not a couple and that Gabi sended them. He told them that they need to kiss. 


  • He's a mechanic.
  • He likes to trick costumers.


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