I like Vodka in my orange juice.
— Kathy
Kathy Kaminski
Kathy Kaminski
General Information
Full name Kathy Kaminski
Nickname(s) Mom (by Josh)
Gender Female
Age 50's (possibly)
Resides in San Francisco, California
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Family and Friends
Children Josh Kaminski (son)
Jake Kaminski (son)
Romances Matt Danon (one night stand)
Nick Diamond (ex-boyfriend)
Other unnamed ex-boyfriends
Friends Gabi Diamond (employee)
Elliot Park (employee)
Yolanda (employee)
Production Information
First Appearance Pilot (voice)
Young & Parents (physical)
Portrayed by Cheryl Hines

Kathy Kaminski is one of the minor characters in the series, Young & Hungry and Josh and Jake's mother.

She is portrayed by Cheryl Hines.


Fact: Josh said he saw his mother everyday. 

Physical Appearance

Kathy has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Character History

Season 1


Kathy didn't actually have any screen time but she only came to Josh's apartment in the morning and she called Josh and Caroline because she thought that she was with Josh but it was actually Gabi not Caroline.

Season 3

Young & Parents

Kathy first physically appeared and briefly dated Gabi's father.


Josh Kaminski


Josh is Kathy's son and they used to see each other a lot. It's shown they care very much about each other, but she likes him to be with rich girls, although she doesn't seem to mind Josh with Gabi.


  • She's Josh's mother.
  • She first physically appeared in the season 3 episode, "Young & Parents"
  • She briefly dated Gabi's father, whilst Josh was dating Gabi
  • She has vodka in her orange juice.
  • Its revealed in Young & Josh's Dad that Kathy was not married to Matt Danon, Josh's father. She ended up pregnant with Josh after a one night stand with Matt, and Matt walked out of Kathy's life, shortly after Josh's birth. Its also clear in that episode that since Matt walked out of Josh's life, that Kaminski is Kathy's surname, which she clearly put on Josh's birth certificate instead of having Josh take Matt's last name, Danon.
  • It's hinted she has never actually been married.


Season 1

Season 3

Season 5


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