Judy Green

Judy on the left
General Information
Full name Judy Green
Gender Female
Resides in In a house with Logan Rawlings
Occupation Chef, Restaurant owner
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black
Family and Friends
Romances Logan Rawlings (girlfriend)
Friends Gabi Diamond (frenemy)
Production Information
First Appearance Young & Lesbian
Portrayed by Jessica Lowndnes
Judy Green is the girlfriend of Logan Rawlings. She is portrayed by Jessica Lowndes. Near the end of Young & Lesbian, Gabi and Logan kiss causing Judy to be jealous. At the end they get back together. We all hope that Judy and Logan will return for more action in other episodes. Judy is a famous chef that works in a restaurant Pure


  • She's a world class chef.
  • She's dating Logan Rawlings.
  • She gave Gabi a signed book.


  • Young & Lesbian