Josh Kaminski
Physical Information
Gender Male
Height 6' 1"
Build Athletic
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Blue
Josh is a thirty year old adult. He has blue eyes and black/brown hair. Because of his last name it is assumed that he is of Polish ancestry.


Josh is a young, tall, and slim man with a lot of money. He has a heart shaped face with a smooth, flawless skin and big, beautiful, blue eyes. He has a small nose, smooth, fair skin and short brown hair that both he and Gabi refer to as "great." He usually wears cool, casual clothes, long pants, a shirt covered with a jacket.


Josh usually has simple a simple short hair cut. He's hair is black.


Season 1

Josh usually wears this shirt and pants. He dressed with light colors. When it comes to business he usually wears a suit.

  • Pilot
  • Young & Lesbian
  • Young & Lesbian
  • Young & Pregnant
  • Young & Younger
  • Young & Punchy
  • Young & Punchy
  • Young & Secret
  • Young & Secret


Josh'a has black short hair which he doesn't change a lot he has them the same all the time.