Please don't talk about your life it makes me sad.
— Caroline
General Information
Characters shipped Josh Kaminski and Caroline
Status Broken Up
Portrayed by Jonathan Sadowski and Mallory Jensen
 Jaroline is a pairing between Josh Kaminski and Caroline.


Josh and Caroline have been together for a long time. In the pilot episode, Josh told Gabi that he was planning to propose to Caroline. However, Caroline was under a lot of stress so she broke up with Josh. This leaves him feeling sad and after having a few drinks with Gabi, they end up sleeping together. The next day Caroline returns and apologizes to Josh. They get together and Josh proposes to her which she accepts. They both confess that they slept with someone else.



  • Caroline came to Josh's place to apologize.
  • They talk on the couch and they get back together.
  • Josh proposes to Caroline.
  • She accepts and goes to call her mother.
  • Caroline and Josh were in bed after the night.
  • Caroline got under sheets to "touch" Josh on intimate places.

Young & Ringless

  • Josh and Caroline were in bedroom laying in bed.
  • Caroline was admiring the ring Josh gave her.
  • Caroline got into the shower and she said she's gonna miss the ring but Josh thought she said it to him and then she corrected herself that she is taking him with her.
  • Caroline and Josh had a little argue about trusting staff but it was nothing.
  • Caroline and Josh were together in the elevator.
  • Caroline played with Josh.
  • A masseur came into the apartment and Josh told Caroline he ordered a massage for her.
  • She thought it was cute.
  • In the office they had a big argue but then they make out together.

Young & Pregnant

  • At the engagement party, Caroline told Josh she has a horse for him.
  • Josh was surprised so Caroline got sad but then Josh cheered her up.
  • Josh was then happy about the horse.

Young & Secret

  • Caroline was sitting on Josh's lap.
  • In the limo Caroline and Josh had sex.

Young & Thirty (...and getting married!)

  • Caroline came through the door and greeted Josh.
  • Josh told her they're celebrating his birthday and she wished him a happy birthday like she knew but it was obvious she forgot.
  • Gabi stepped in and said that Caroline made her wrap a gift for her but it was actually Gabi's gift.
  • Josh loved Caroline even more after he saw what she gave him.
  • He said that now he's not nervous anymore and now he knows he loves her.
  • Josh and Caroline had a rehersal wedding.
  • In the bedroom, Caroline did now know a thing about Josh's life but he knew everything.
  • Then, they called of the wedding and they broke up.

Other Ship Names

  • Joroline (Josh/Caroline)
  • Cash (Caroline/Josh)


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