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I love you.
You've always been the one.
She's a great chef, beautiful, young, and oh so fun.
Josh about Gabi in Young & Kiki
I love you.
Gabi: You do love me.
Josh: Yes, I do. I love you, Gabi.
Gabi: Aw. Do you remember the part where I told you that I love you, too, because I do.
Josh: Yeah.
Josh: I love you.
Gabi: I love you too.
You are the sweetest girlfriend ever.
Josh: You're stuck with me. I'm not going anywhere.
Gabi: Aw. You're not?
Josh: No. I love you, Gabi.
Gabi: I love you, too.
Ever since I got my lazic eye surgery, you look more beautiful than ever.
I love him so much! I've never loved anyone as much as him!
I'm proposing to Gabi, tonight.
Jabi Kiss (5x18)
General Information
Characters shipped Josh Kaminski and Gabi Diamond
Status Boss and Employee
Close Friends
In Love With Each Other
Future Spouses[1]
Portrayed by Jonathan Sadowski and Emily Osment

Jabi (Josh/Gabi) is the romantic/friendship pairing between Josh Kaminski and Gabi Diamond. They are the main and most popular pairing on the show.

Josh and Gabi are portrayed by Jonathan Sadowski and Emily Osment.


Gabi is Josh's employee, but things get ugly when Josh's girlfriend breaks up with him in the Pilot. Gabi tries to comfort him but accidentally finds herself in his bed. Their relationship starts to grow when they find out that they have a lot in common. One month after Gabi and Josh's mistaken drunken night, it was seen that Josh may have some feelings for Gabi, and he tells her that he will protect her as long as she works for him and they're friends. In Young & Car-Less, Josh isn't mad at Gabi for being an hour late for work when she explains she had car trouble and couldn't call since her phone died. Josh hugs Gabi and buys her a new car. A devastated Gabi tells Josh the car he traded in is the one her mother gave her before she died. Guilty, Josh helps Gabi steal it back after Josh offers to buy it back from the guy who is trying to get thousands of dollars from him (Gabi told the mechanic Josh is a millionaire), but Gabi cant expects him to do this. The finale reveals they both have feelings for each other.

In Young & Ferris Wheel, Gabi tries to get Shauna (Josh's girlfriend at the time) and her daughter, Danielle, to reunite, only to slip up that Josh and Danielle slept together, causing Josh and Shauna to break up. Gabi apologizes to Josh for running his relationship with Shauna and just wanted her and Danielle to have the loving relationship Gabi and her mom used to have. Josh understands and allows Gabi to take a week off of work for a trip with Sofia. An emotional and tearful Gabi hugs Josh as a thank you. Josh realizes and admits he still has feelings for Gabi in "Young & Sandwich", but does not tell her. However, Josh tells Gabi he loves her in Young & Pretty Woman and she kisses him. A shocked Josh kisses Gabi after passionately. Gabi realizes Josh is the one for her and not Cooper, but they don't start dating due to Cooper telling Gabi that Josh told everyone he loved her and not her, 3 months prior.

Gabi thinks Josh is gonna propose to her in Young & Earthquake from a psychic, but he assures her it's not true after she agrees to marry him. They don't actually start dating until the season 3 premiere, "Young & The Next Day" when Josh tells Gabi again that he loves her and she says he's not too late. They go on their first date in Young & First Date and in Young & Parents, Josh says he could commit to Gabi forever and she is touched, hugging him. They wait until Young & No More Therapy when they fight. However, they are able to continue being friends throughout the remainder of the season and into the fourth.

In Young & Fostered, when Keisha, Alan and Elliot's foster child, runs away, Gabi and Josh help Elliot and Alan find her. When they find her, Gabi and Josh find the three of them bonding. Josh and Gabi mention she would never be found without Gabi giving Keisha advice about going to see her mother and Josh giving her $500. Gabi comments that she and Josh are going to be great parents in the future, (possibly foreshadowing it could happen for them together) unaware of hints for the future. Josh, flirtatiously, asks Gabi to go on a hot air balloon ride with him, hinting he still has feelings for her and/or wants to spend some time alone with her, but she passes.

They still have feelings for each other, which are mainly shown in Young & Matched, when they bet each other on if they can get dates without being themselves. Josh gets mad at Gabi when her date steals his things and she is tied up. Josh and Gabi end up arguing but compliment each other whilst fighting, which leads to them sleeping together. In the season 4 finale Young & Screwed, they try to stop having sex as they fear it will lead to a relationship so ask advice from Alan, who makes them only have sex 10 times and use punch cards. One night, Josh and Gabi end up having sex in the kitchen but are almost caught by everyone and Sofia find out about them sleeping together. After Gabi rips up the punch card, she tapes it back together in order to use it and to continue to sleep with Josh.

In the season 5 premiere Young & Punch Card, Gabi and Josh try to prove to their friends they will not let their new "friends with benefits" relationship get in the way. They both agree to have "friends with benefits" relationship is much better for both of them. In Young & Valentines Day, Gabi and Josh both think their new no strings attached relationship means they can skip valentines day and she mistakenly thinks he is going to propose to her. In Young & Kiki, Gabi and Josh look after Natasha Cook-Campbell's dog and Josh comments to Natasha that Gabi is a great chef, beautiful and so fun. Josh also comments to Gabi that its a shame they aren't in a relationship, because they work well together. In Young & Softball, Gabi tries to help Josh bond with his father Matt and takes Matt to a softball game, which Josh is in. However, Matt thinks Josh is gay because he's filling in for Elliot on his gay league. Josh pretends to be gay to spend time with his dad, but Matt catches Gabi and Josh when they are about to have sex. After Josh gets in a fight with Matt, he is about to leave and Josh gets angry at Gabi, telling her to butt out, but the two eventually make up after Josh apologizes to his father and sets things straight.

In Young & Vegas Baby, Josh throws Gabi a surprise 25th birthday party, which goes wrong and buys her gifts. Although, Josh can't tell why Gabi is so down about her birthday and tries to figure it out, although in the end, he realizes its because she cant celebrate it with her mom. Whilst speaking with Elliot and Yolanda, Josh is worried about losing Gabi and almost slips up that he loves her. He says "I can't lose the girl that I-", before not wanting to say it and says "...I hired as my chef". In the end, Josh shows Gabi, from the Vegas hotel where New York, Paris, and Venice all are and she is touched. Gabi and Josh's "friends with benefits" relationship is jeopardised in Young & Hold, when Josh meets Marisa, who happens to be one of Gabi's customer's for her "Gabi's Box" business, but Gabi and Josh both say they love each other, ("I'm in love with Josh!", "I love her") and Gabi tells Josh she loves him 3 times, but just as he is about to say the same to her, he hits his head when they both see a squirrel in the living room. Gabi is shocked and takes Josh to the hospital and it's revealed in the last scene that Josh has amnesia when he asks Gabi who she is, leaving the episode on a cliffhanger. In Young & Amnesia, Gabi becomes terrified when Josh gets amnesia and remembers everyone but her and the doctor tells Gabi Josh has to remember everything on his own. Gabi is devastated and heartbroken, scared Josh might never remember her and tries to convince Yolanda to help Gabi jog Josh's memory. Gabi decides to create the moment she met Josh in the Pilot, in hopes he will remember her. When Gabi decides to make Josh a grilled cheese, like she did when they first met, as the role for the chef position, Josh decides to hire a professional chef, Michael Voltaggio, resulting in Gabi losing her job. Gabi is crushed and tries to jog his memory with the blanket she recreated for him for his birthday. Josh stars to recognize Gabi's apartment, but mixes her and Sofia up, with him kissing Sofia, upsetting Gabi Gabi says she has feelings for Josh and tells him everything that's happened between them in the last 2 years, but even though he believes her, he doesn't remember it. Gabi is heartbroken and goes on a train to Aspen for her uncle's wedding with Sofia. However, when the train starts to move, Gabi hears her and Josh's song, Closer - which helps him remember her - and turns around to see Josh playing it to her, and he tells her he remembers everything. Josh kisses Gabi when she thinks he's followed her to tell her he doesn't love her. Josh happily says he loves Gabi, and the two get back together for good, with Gabi again also saying she loves him and the two share another passionate kiss with Closer still pa bolaying on his phone and officially back together again.

In Young & Downtown Gabi, Gabi and Josh are very much in love and are excited about being an official couple. When Elliot and Yolanda start acting nervous about Gabi being there more often, Gabi suggests to Josh that he spends more time at her apartment, which Josh is fine with until he fine with until he realises how messy Gabi is so he redecorates her apartment, causing them to argue, but they both realise that they ere both wrong and Josh only did it for Gabi to make her happy, because who she is is who he fell in love with. In Young & Third Wheel, Gabi and Josh are happy until he points out Sofia is always here in his apartment, but Gabi points out its because Sofia doesn't have a boyfriend, so they both decide to set her up.Josh and Gabi go out on a date, but are interupted by Sofia and Dick, which causes Josh to get mad at Gabi since he now feels like a thurd wheel. Gabi feels bad and says she wants to spend time with Josh by showing up to his apartment in a trench coat, being naked...only for Alan's mum to see. The next evening, Josh and Gabi are having dinner on his balcony and Josh asks Gabi how she's doing without Sofia, Gabi says she misses Sofia, but loves Josh.

In Young & Communication, Josh tries not to hurt Gabi when he wants some time alone. To do so, he fakes joining a swim team and Gabi finds out the truth so waxes his body to get him to tell the truth. When Josh jumps in where the sharks are, Gabi panics, thinking he might had died, saying he's the only guy she's ever loved. Josh comes out safe and he apologises to Gabi for lying to her, but he didn't want her to think he didn't love her, because he does. Gabi understands that Josh wants some time to himself sometimes, because she loves him, even though it would be hard. In Young & Handsy, Gabi panics that her relationship with Josh is over when they don't have sex for a couple of nights and gets the wrong impression when he is saying he completed his new app, which causes Gabi to break Josh's laptop. Josh later explains to Gabi that he was tired from working, which is why they didn't have sex for a couple of nights and their relationship isn't over. Josh tells Gabi she doesn't have to worry about their relationship because she is "stuck with him and he's not going anywhere". They say they love each other again, with their relationship being just as strong. In Young & Mexico, Gabi is meant to help Josh after his later eye surgery but she forgets as she is taking Sofia away to Mexico for a last minute birthday present. Josh understands and has Elliot and Yolanda to help him instead. In Young & Mexico Part 2, when Gabi and Sofia return from Mexico, Gabi asks Josh to help her and Sofia when they smuggle Sofia's boyfriend Jecarlo into the US. However, when Sofia admits to Gabi that she and Jecarlo haven't had the same chemistry they had in Mexico, Josh and Gabi work together so that Sofia can break up with him. Unaware that its actually Nick and not Juan Carlo in Josh's office, Sofia admits her feelings to him with Gabi and Josh listening in. When Nick and Sofia are kissing, Gabi asks Josh what he thinks is going on as it is so quiet. Josh responds with "this" and kisses Gabi. In Young & Motorcycle, Gabi shows Josh her new bike, but he doesn't want her to ride it for her safety. Josh takes it, but hurts himself and Gabi panics but Josh is fine. Its said that Gabi is Josh's Incase Emergancy Cotact and he says she is the most important person in the world to him. In Young & Yacht'in, Josh is planning on proposing to Gabi after he realises she is the love of his life. However, Gabi proposes to Josh after she finds out he was going to do it to her and she asks him to move to Seatle with her. Although the question is unanswered, it has been confirmed that Josh would have said yes and they would have gotten married after the final episode.


Season 1


Josh and Gabi meet in the Pilot episode when Josh came home and he showed to Yolanda and Elliot a ring for Caroline. When Gabi said oh is gorgeous Josh asked Elliot who is she. When Josh said that he's hungry Gabi offered that she can do something for him, so she prepared to him a grilled cheese. After Josh tried her grilled cheese Josh like it so he hired her. After he ate he asked Gabi if she can prepare a romantic dinner and she said that she is gonna make Caroline say "Yes, Yes, Yes!"
When Josh comes down the stairs, Gabi complimented how handsome he looks. Every time, Josh said that he's nervous Gabi comforted him. When she showed him what kind of music she prepared, They both started to sing and ended up with their faces extremely close together. After Josh came back from talking to Caroline on the phone, he told Gabi that she broke up with him. Gabi comforts him and they had the dinner at on Josh's balcony. After they were done, they ended up sleeping together. Later, Gabi goes back to get her knives, But Josh said he didn't actually fire her.

Young & Ringless

Josh came downstairs and Gabi greeted him. She panicked because she first said Josh but then started to say boss Kaminski.... and she gave him his breakfast. Josh asked her if they're good and Gabi started to talk how that test dinner was a mistake. And then Josh said that he was talking about dinner and then Gabi saved herself by saying that she was talking about dinner too. Then she left to give Carolie breakfast. Every time Caroline accused Gabi of stealing her ring Josh said she sid not that and he always defended her.

Young & Lesbian

Josh also mentions how important it is and Gabi, having heard it from Elliot, replies with a loud "We know, we know!" Josh tells Gabi how devastated Elliot will be if Josh doesn't make the list. He also says, "Can you imagine the press he's under?" Gabi, laughing, says, "Yeah, I live pay check to pay check- I know a thing or two about pressure." Later Josh got mad that Gabi went on a date just to get him on the 30 under 30 list so he ran to the restaurant to save her. He entered the restaurant and he told Gabi that she does not need to pretend to be a lesbian for him. In the end, Gabi told him that she would do anything for him to make him happy.

Young & Pregnant

Gabi finds out she might be pregnant with Josh's baby. She takes a test but when she wants to look, Josh, interrupts her and asked her what's that she doesn't want him to know she might be pregnant so she tells him that it's a stirve. On the end Josh comes to the balcony and he talks to Gabi, it was very awkward and she tells him that they're not expecting a baby.

Young & Younger

Gabi asked Josh if he wants to hear what is she making for the party and Sofia said no Josh said to tell him. Then she did and Josh and Gabi get a little oreogasim. They would probably get more personal if Sofia wouldn't interrupt them. Josh listened to Gabi telling Yolanda how she met a guy and Josh asked her who's the lucky guy. Josh came along because he saw Cam and Gabi together and started to communicate with Cam he was looking jealous. Cam then left and they made a plan that he will pick her up at 7 pm. Josh then greeted him and he left. Gabi asked how great he is Josh told her that he does not like him and Gabi got a bit upset. Later Josh stopped with the elevator and he saw Cam hugging another woman. And he said to himself that the truth came out. He was happy he found a thing about Cam that would end their relationship. When Gabi came to work the next day Josh wanted to tell her he saw Cam hugging another woman. Gabi told him not to talk about her life but Josh told her anyways because he wanted her and Cam to break up.

Later Yolanda told Josh that Cam is seventeen. Josh got so secured about Gabi that he left his own party to rescue her from sleeping with a minor. When he arrived he told her and then they had a tak how they don't know what they are and that they tried to move on. Josh told Gabi that till she'll be his employee or friend he'll look after her and that he can't help himself. She told him that she is okay with that.

Young & Punchy

Gabi offers to help Josh impress a young hacker so he will want to come and work for him, and invites him to bring him to a bar she and Sofia will be working at called "The Petting Zoo." Josh brings Cooper, who is immediately smitten with Gabi, and ends up spilling alcohol on her chest and tries to clean it up. Josh gets angry with Cooper for touching Gabi inappropriately and ends up punching him, to Gabi's shock. The next day, Gabi tries to convince Josh to apologize to Cooper and makes little marshmallow R2-D2s, but Josh refuses. And when Elliot tries to convince him, saying he's throwing a million dollar deal out the window, Josh protests that Gabi's honor is worth more. (Though Elliot disagrees and says her honor is worth nothing)


Gabi ends up tricking Cooper to come over for dinner and makes nachos. Despite Josh's angry reaction, Gabi is able to convince both men to suck it up and apologize to each other and Josh offers Cooper the job, telling Cooper he always goes with his gut and advises him to do the same. Cooper decides to implements his boss's idea by asking Gabi out on a date, shocking them both. Gabi and Josh both go to answer him at the same, but Josh says no while Gabi says yes. They ask Cooper to go and wait outside on the terrace and Gabi insists she wants to go out with Cooper, but Josh says that if two coworkers end up sleeping together in the same apartment it can get really awkward and uncomfortable (as it did after they first slept together). Gabi is unhappy with this decision, but decides to go with it, albeit unhappily, because he is her boss.

However, she ends up going on a date with Cooper and they decide they really like each other and make the decision to date behind Josh's back.

Young & Secret

Gabi and Cooper have been dating behind Josh's back, but he catches them saying they're meeting at Gabi's after

work, and Gabi hurriedly lies and says Cooper is dating Sofia. Josh invites Cooper and Sofia to have dinner with him and Caroline, much to their horror. That evening, Cooper and Sofia come over for dinner, and it is initially awkward, but Sofia soon charms Caroline and Josh comments on what a great couple Sofia and Cooper are, causing Gabi to feel jealous. The four end up making plans to go see Lorde together and Sofia doesn't break up with Cooper like she was originally going to. This leads to a falling out between Gabi and Sofia, and then it leads to Cooper breaking up with Gabi.

Heartbroken, Gabi brings Josh his lunch and he comments on what he thought was Sofia and Cooper's break up, causing Gabi to cry. She tells him the truth and he's less than thrilled with her, but she pleads to him to not be her boss but be her friend, and he agrees. She explains she feels she lost the best relationship she's ever had, and Josh asks if she and Cooper had even been together for a week, but she clarifies that she meant Sofia. Josh offers to let her join them for the concert to patch things up, but Gabi refuses and tells him not to tell her about the break-up. However, that evening, Sofia is using Josh's phone to take a photo of him and Caroline, but gets a text from Gabi asking him not to tell Sofia about it. Sofia leaves to talk to Gabi and Josh and Caroline have some alone time in the limo.

Young & Car-Less

Gabi's car breaks down, causing her to be late for work. Instead of getting angry, Josh offers Gabi a hug. He later goes to the mechanic to make sure he's not ripping her off for the car and realizes how bad it really is, so he decides to trade in Gabi's old car and buys her a new (used) car. He goes to her apartment and shows her the car, but is surprised with Gabi's anger over him selling her car. She then admits that her old car belonged to her deceased mother, and it was the last gift she ever got from her before she passed away, causing Josh to feel really guilty. They try to go back to the mechanic to buy back the car, but Gabi reveals Josh's wealth and the mechanic drives up the price and Gabi refuses to let Josh pay so much for the car.

He drives them back to his apartment and they go inside, where Elliot and Yolanda are angry at Josh for buying Gabi a new car and are irritated by her getting "special treatment", but quickly change tune when they find out about Gabi's mother and decide to try and help get the car back, but fail. They eventually all go back and Gabi distracts the mechanic while everyone else steal the car back and they drive away until the car stops and begins smoking, causing everyone to run out. They are all in Gabi and Sofia's apartment for the car funeral, and Josh presents Gabi with an egg beater he made with her car's window turner. She comments on how, even though nobody can replace her mom, she has 4 people who come pretty close, referring to Josh as the one who will always keep her safe. They end the funeral by eating the lemon pies Gabi baked.

Young & Getting Played

Josh stands up for Gabi to Yolanda when she comments on how Gabi was crazy for trying to trick her and then making Derek fall in love with her.

Young & Thirty (...and getting married!)

Gabi starts by claiming she excited for Josh to open her birthday present, which is a hand-made blanket that she crocheted to match the one his nana gave him when he was a little boy, but it got burned in a fire. She also made Josh a basket of banana-nut muffins and brings them to work. She finds out the wedding has been moved up to Saturday because the wedding venue Caroline wanted became available, causing her to freak out a little. Josh comes down, forcing a smile and acting a little off, and Gabi wishes him a happy birthday and gives him the muffin basket, which he seems to like, but he also asks if the muffins would be his favorite if they were the only muffins he could eat for the rest of his life. Elliot tries to snap Josh out of it, but he ends up fainting.

They all eat a special birthday dinner together and are waiting for Caroline to arrive. She finally does and Josh wants to go ahead and open her gift, but Caroline obviously forgot about his birthday and didn't get him anything. But Gabi quickly steps in and says Caroline wanted her to wrap the gift and Josh opens the gift and is completely moved by the sentimental gift. It erases his doubts about marriage and he tells Caroline how much he loves it. Gabi is really upset with the fact that he thinks it's from Caroline and reacted so sincerely, but she bites her tongue. Later, Caroline sees Gabi sitting at a table, eating cake, and thanks her for what she did and offers to pay her, but Gabi refuses. Caroline asks her to please keep it a secret, and Gabi agrees. When Caroline leaves the room, Yolanda comes out and asks Gabi if the blanket was from her, which Gabi says and she tries to sound optimistic, but is obviously depressed and asks if there is ice cream, and Yolanda gives her a hug.

They all arrive for the practice wedding, and Gabi has to stand in for Caroline. Josh asks if he can practice his vows on her, and Gabi tried to keep it together. Caroline arrives and Gabi wants to tell Josh because of how much it meant to him, but Sofia tells her not to because he obviously loves her, and Gabi is letting her feelings get in the way of her judgement. She tells her not to do it because it will only make things worse, and Elliot tells Yolanda something similar. However, when Josh asks Elliot to be his best man, he ends up admitted the truth that Caroline forgot his birthday and Gabi was the one who actually made the blanket. Josh calls Caroline and they end up breaking their engagement and Josh decides he needs to see Gabi and goes to her apartment with roses, only to see her kissing Cooper and looking heartbroken outside her window.

Other Names

  • Jobi (Josh/Gabi)
  • Josbi (Josh/Gabi)
  • Josabi (Josh/Gabi)
  • Gosh (Gabi/Josh)
  • Gash (Gabi/Josh)
  • Kamond (Kaminski/Diamond)
  • Kamiond (Kaminski/Diamond)
  • Diminski (Diamond/Kaminski)
  • Diamonki (Diamond/Kaminski)
  • Diamindski (Diamond/Kaminski)


Season 1


  • Gabi and Josh meet at his apartment.
  • Gabi prepares grilled cheese for Josh. He likes it and hires her.
  • Josh trusts Gabi to prepare a dinner for when he'll propose to Caroline.
  • Gabi admits to Sofia that she likes Josh.
  • When Josh came down stairs, Gabi complimented him on how handsome he looks.
  • When Gabi showed to Josh what kind of music she picked, they started to sing and their faces came close together to the point of almost kissing.
  • Gabi prepared smashed potatoes for Josh.
  • Gabi and Josh had a romantic dinner on the balcony.
  • After the dinner, they slept together.
  • In the end, they almost hug.
  • Gabi says Josh is good looking.

Young & Ringless

Young & Ringless
  • Josh came downstairs and Gabi said hi to him.
  • Then they started talking.
  • When Josh saw breakfast he was impressed.
  • Then Josh asked Gabi if they're good. Gabi thought that he was talking about the night they slept together but he was talking about the dinner.
  • When Caroline accused Gabi of stealing the ring Josh defended her.
  • Josh smiled at Gabi's joke that she's natural babbler.
  • Later Josh and Gabi started to watch the footage to see what happened and then they also saw the moment when they started to have sex.
  • Then Caroline came back from the message and wanted to see the tape but Josh stopped by shouting at her that she needs to trust him. He did that so he can defend Gabi.
  • On the end Josh stopped Gabi and told her that she is an awesome cook and that she is talented.

Young & Lesbian

  • Josh came down stairs to tell Gabi how important this dinner is. 
  • Josh was not happy Gabi went on a date for him.
  • Josh went out the restaurant only to save Gabi from being on a date for him.
  • Gabi lied that Josh is her ex, that she slept with him and he made her realize she is was not into women, and into men.
  • Gabi hit Josh with a cook book.
  • Josh and Gabi then set at the table together.
  • On the end Gabi became happy for Josh because he made the list.

Young & Pregnant

  • Josh came into the kitchen and Gabi greeted him.
  • He told Gabi he might look tough on the outside but he is scared on the inside.
  • Gabi recommended gym.
  • At the party Gabi said that she had a champagne night with this guy and Josh knew it was him. 
  • On the end Josh came on the terrace to talk to Gabi.
  • He was relieved when she told him she's not pregnant.
  • The conversation was awkward.

Young & Younger

  • Josh came downstairs and Gabi was in the kitchen.
  • Gabi asked Josh if he wants to hear what will she be making.
  • He says yes she reads it to him.
  • They have an 'oreogasm'.
  • Later Josh came to the kitchen he asked Gabi who's the lucky guy she got.
  • Josh sees Gabi kissing Cam he becomes jealous.
  • Josh tries to stop Gabi from talking to Cam.
  • Josh tells Gabi that he does not like Cam.
  • Josh tells Gabi there's something wrong with Cam.
  • The next day Josh tells Gabi he saw Cam hugging another woman.
  • Josh finds out Gabi is about to sleep with Cam who's seventeen.
  • Josh leaves his party to rescue Gabi.
  • At Gabi's apartment Josh tries to stop her from having sex.
  • Josh tells Gabi that till she'll be working for him he's protect her.
  • Sofia says Gabi treats Josh like her boyfriend.

Young & Punchy

  • Josh seems to like the idea of seeing Gabi in the bar
  • Josh has tried to fix Gabi's phone
  • Josh gets angry when Cooper touches Gabi's chest
  • Gabi brings Josh a burger
  • Josh thinks Gabi's honor is worth more than hiring Cooper
  • Gabi convinces Josh to apologize during dinner
  • Josh does not want Gabi to go out with Cooper
  • Gabi ends up listening to Josh, though she does not want to

Young & Secret

  • Gabi brings Josh his lunch
  • Josh is upset when he finds out Gabi is dating Cooper

Young & Car-Less

  • Josh gives Gabi a hug when she arrives late
  • He says her life is hanging by a thread
  • Josh offers to call the mechanic to make sure she is getting a good deal
  • Josh buys Gabi a used car to replace her old car
  • Gabi confesses the car was a gift from her late mother
  • Josh feels guilty about selling the car
  • Josh is willing to spend over $10,000 to repurchase Gabi's car
  • Gabi refuses to let Josh spend so much for the car
  • Josh helps Gabi steal her car back
  • Josh made Gabi an egg beater out of the window turner from her car
  • Gabi refers to Josh as someone who will always keep her safe

Young & Getting Played

  • Josh tells Yolanda he does not think it's Gabi's fault

Young & Thirty (...and getting married!)

  • Gabi is excited for Josh's birthday
  • Gabi made him muffins and a blanket for his birthday
  • Gabi gets upset when she realizes the wedding is already coming up
  • Josh loves the blanket Gabi made
  • Gabi is willing to let Caroline take the gift
  • Gabi says Josh's reaction was enough
  • Gabi is depressed over how moved Josh is by the blanket
  • Gabi eats cake and wants ice cream after the gift exchange
  • Gabi stands in as the bride during the practice ceremony
  • Josh practices his vows on Gabi
  • Gabi considers telling Josh the blanket is from her
  • Yolanda wants to tell Josh the blanket is from Gabi
  • Elliot tells Josh the blanket was made by Gabi
  • Josh breaks his engagement with Caroline to be with Gabi
  • Josh goes to see Gabi with roses
  • Josh climbs up the balcony like in Pretty Woman
  • Josh is heartbroken when he sees Gabi kissing Cooper

Season 2

Young & Too Late

  • They talk in his office.
  • Josh tries to tell Gabi how he feels and thinks she feels the same way he does.
  • Gabi was confused with the way Josh was acting
  • Josh was struggling with Gabi speaking to Cooper on the phone.

Young & Munchies

  • Gabi thanks Josh for letting her use Pot in her food for the auricle.
  • Gabi puts some pot aside for Josh, thinking he seemed stressed,
  • Josh wakes Gabi up and lets her sleep for hours.
  • Gabi asks for Josh's advice.
  • They hugged.
  • Gabi said Josh was a really good friend.

Young & Sandwich

  • Gabi sees Josh
  • Josh realises he still has feelings for Gabi.

Young & Pretty Woman

Tumblr noq45vUL7D1qzb75vo3 250
  • Josh wants to tell Gabi he loves her.
  • Elliot supports Josh in telling Gabi how he feels about her.
  • Gabi brings Josh his lunch.
  • Josh tells Gabi he loves her twice
Tumblr noq45vUL7D1qzb75vo4 250
  • Gabi laughs at Josh, confusing him.
  • Gabi realises she has feelings for Josh.
  • They kiss twice.
  • Gabi chooses Josh over Cooper, but they don't start dating.
  • Josh tries to kiss Gabi until she tells him she needs to talk to Cooper first
  • Gabi is upset that Josh didnt tell her how he feels.
  • During their second kiss, Gabi grabs Josh's arms, pulling him closer to her.
  • Josh pushes Gabi up against the wall and kisses her.

Young & Part Two

  • Josh tries to talk to Gabi
  • Gabi gets mad at Josh.
  • Josh wants to be with Gabi
  • Despite their fight, Josh still gets Gabi the apprenticeship with another chef after she quits.

Young & How Gabi Got Her Job Back

  • They hug
  • They talked about their situation.
  • Josh offered Gabi her job back.
  • Gabi smiles when hugging Josh.

Young & Earthquake

  • Gabi thinks Josh is going to propose to her
  • Josh asks Gabi to make him a smoothie.
  • Gabi says she will marry Josh, when she thinks they are going to die from the earthquake.
  • Josh is confused to why Gabi said she'd marry him.
  • She jumps into his arms.
  • She stays in his arms for a while.
  • Gabi explains everything to Josh.
  • Josh tries to get help for him and Gabi since they're stuck in the elevator.
  • Josh is jealous when Gabi says the fireman is brave.
  • Gabi tightly hugs Josh when she's in his arms.
  • Gabi calls Josh smart and handsome

Young & Younger Brother Part One

  • Josh tells Jake he likes Gabi
  • Josh is crushed when he sees Gabi kissing Jake
  • Gabi brings Josh his lunch
  • Josh mentions the time he told Gabi he loved her to her.
  • Gabi is upset when Josh says "I guess we're not friends"
  • Josh is upset that Gabi is dating Jake

Young & Younger Brother Part Two

  • Josh lets Gabi go to Chochella with Jake, so she can follow her dream.
  • Gabi is unsure about leaving Josh.
  • Josh tells Gabi that all he's ever wanted is for her to be happy.
  • Gabi stares at Josh when she and Jake leave and looks sad.

Season 3

Young & The Next Day

Jabi Kiss (3x01)
  • They fantasise about each other.
  • Gabi still has feelings for Josh
  • Josh is upset he let Gabi go with Jake.
  • Josh follows Gabi and tells her he's crazy about her.
  • Gabi thinks she is dreaming again when Josh wakes her up.
  • Josh gets chocked up after telling Gabi he's crazy about her but is willing to step out the way for her and Jake
  • Gabi kisses Josh and tells him she has always "been the one".
  • Josh smiles and they kiss again.
  • They get back together
  • Gabi choses Josh over Jake

Young & Coachella

Josh & Gabi (3x02)
  • They make out
  • Gabi asks Josh if this is really happening and he says yes.
  • Josh kisses Gabi again.
Y&H S03E02 Image
  • Gabi loves the idea of Josh getting them a hotel room.
  • Gabi says she is really into her and Josh kissing.
  • They're both upset with Jake for sabotaging their relationship.
  • Josh sets up a tent for him and Gabi.
  • Gabi says she and Josh are starting a relationship.
  • Josh calls Gabi beautiful.
  • Gabi gets wine for her and Josh.
  • Josh says Gabi isn't every girl and she replies with, "Aw and you're not every guy".
  • Gabi sits on Josh's lap and puts her arm around him

Young & First Date

Jabi (3x03)
  • They kiss in his bed.
  • They go on their first date.
  • Josh is worried and asks Gabi if she is okay after the bird hits her in the eye and takes her to the hospital.
Gabi & Josh Kiss (3x03)
  • Gabi says the bird is wanting to fly again like her and Josh.
  • Josh smiles at Gabi and kisses her.
  • They hold hands
  • Gabi wants a fairytale relationship with Josh
  • Josh says Gabi is unforgettable and she is touched.
  • They kiss bye.
Gabi & Josh on Date (3x03)
  • They miss each other.
  • They text each other photos.
  • Josh wants to sleep with Gabi.
  • Josh makes Gabi laugh
  • Josh tells Elliot off for blaming the door in Gabi's face
  • Gabi smiles happily, saying, "Hi, is it time for our date yet?" and Josh says he misses her "so much".
  • Gabi says "Bye" to Josh smiling very big.
  • Gabi is impressed that Josh has gotten them the chef's table at the "hottest restaurant in town".
  • Josh says he is going to give Gabi the perfect night.
  • Gabi says Josh's baby dinosaur teeth are cute.
  • They almost kiss across the table until they are interrupted.
  • Josh calls Gabi's face beautiful and pretty.
  • Gabi tells Josh about their future anniversaries she wants every year.

Young & Parents

Josh & Gabi Kiss (3x04)
  • They both hate the idea of their parents dating each other
  • They almost kiss
  • They go to the movies
  • Gabi calls Josh her boyfriend twice
  • Josh flirtatiously says hey to Gabi
  • They kiss
Gabi and Josh Hug (3x04)
  • They fake break up so that their parents would leave them alone.
  • Gabi is impressed by Josh pretending to be mad at her.
  • Josh says he could commit to Gabi forever.
  • Gabi is touched and hugs Josh.
  • Josh says he's crazy about Gabi and she's different to any other girl he's ever met.
  • Gabi says her relationship with Josh is very serious.
  • Josh says they have been dating for 4 days.
  • Josh tells Gabi he broke off his engagement to be with her.

Young & Therapy

  • They imitate each other
  • They go to therapy
  • They break up.

Young & Rachael Ray

  • Gabi breaks down over Josh on live TV.
  • Josh apologises to Gabi and wants her back to work for him.
  • Gabi accepts Josh's apology and agrees to work for him again.
  • They almost kiss, but Gabi offers to make Josh a grilled cheese and he quickly accepts.

Young & No More Therapy

  • They officially break up.
  • Josh is heartbroken when he and Gabi officially breakup.
  • Gabi is hurt when she sees Josh with his therapist.
  • Sofia says that Josh is Gabi's "one in a million guy"

Season 4

Young & Hawaii

  • Josh wants Gabi
  • Gabi is heartbroken after seeing Josh with his therapist
  • They hug
  • They almost sleep together
  • They cuddle
  • Josh tells Gabi he needs to be with her
  • Gabi is very happy and hugs Josh
  • Gabi is touched and amazed by the hotel room Josh got for them.

Young & Hurricane

Gabi & Josh (4x02)
  • Josh puts his arms around Gabi
  • They lie on the bed.
  • They argue and break up again.
  • Gabi is heartbroken when Josh walks away
  • Josh protects Gabi from the hurricane.

Young & Piggy

  • Gabi works with Josh again.
  • She leaves the pig in his apartment.
  • Josh calls Gabi
  • He stands close to her and brings the pig like she asked.
  • Josh helps Gabi with how to do her manager job properly.
  • Gabi has a flirty look on her face when she says Josh's pants look good on him, in her mind.

Young & Fostered

  • Keisha thinks Gabi and Josh are her foster parents and they look at each other.
  • They work together to find Keisha.
  • Josh tells Gabi they will be great parents one day.
  • Gabi agrees with Josh

Young & Bowling

Jabi (4x07)
  • They sit close on the couch
  • Josh tells Gabi about his bowling incident
  • They hug
  • Gabi supports Josh when he is bowling.
  • Josh looks back at Gabi just before he bowls, similar to the flashback of him when he was younger, bowling and a girl said she'd be his girlfriend if he won the trophy. Josh might be looking back at Gabi, thinking about that same thing happening with Josh and Gabi.

Young & Matched

Gabi and Josh in Bed (4x09)
  • They bet each other to see who can get the most dates without being themselves.
  • Josh calls Gabi hot and she thanks him.
  • Gabi says to Josh that he only gets girls because he's rich.
  • They both go to the same place for their dates to spy on each other
  • Josh finds out Gabi's date is a robber and tries to find her.
  • Josh unties Gabi
  • Josh gets Gabi a drink
  • Gabi tells Josh that the robber stole his Rolex watch and is worried he's mad at her.
  • Gabi calls Josh sexy
  • Josh calls Gabi sweet and says she's "the whole dam package"
  • They compliment each other while arguing
  • Gabi throws herself at Josh and they start making out on the couch.
  • They sleep together for the first time properly
  • The crowd say "Ooooh" when they kiss
  • Josh asks Gabi, "What was that?", excitedly and she says "That, was sex" with a smile on her face.
  • They both say the sex was really good and amazing.
  • They are caught in bed by Monica

Young & Screwed

Gabi and Josh in his Room (4x10)
  • The episode starts with them in bed together.
  • They both agree to never sleep together again.
  • Gabi says the sex was the best she's ever had.
  • Josh flirts with Gabi and says "The best you've ever had, huh?"
  • Gabi gives Josh one of her shirts
Josh and Gabi Punch Card (4x10)
  • Gabi stares at Josh and watches him work out
  • Josh stares at Gabi when she is putting the laundry in the washing machine.
  • They both can't sleep
  • Gabi helps Josh wipe the coffee off of his pants and they stare at each other.
  • There is a lot of sexual tension between the two.
  • They drink coffee together.
  • They both agree they're great friends.
  • Gabi says they should watch Friends and Josh laughs.
  • They sleep together in the kitchen.
  • They decide to get help since they can't resist the sex.
  • They almost kiss and are both smiling when leaning in.
  • They agree to use punch cards to sleep together without being in a relationship.
  • Gabi asks Josh if he wants to use one of use one of his punches now.
  • Josh says he does want to use one.
  • Josh calls Gabi Baby
  • Gabi is excited about sleeping with Josh again
  • They almost sleep with together in his room until Gabi keeps talking about Sofia, annoying Josh
  • Josh says he wants to have sex with Gabi.
  • Gabi tapes back her punch card so that she can keep sleeping with Josh.
  • Josh says Gabi is right.

Season 5

Young & Punch Card

Gabi & Josh (5x01)
  • Gabi brings Josh his breakfast in bed and he thanks her.
  • Josh says he is feeling "punchy" and pulls out his punch card.
  • Gabi says she's feeling "punchy" too.
  • Gabi gets on top of Josh and they sleep together.
  • Yolanda says Gabi is "doing Josh right now".
  • Josh says the sex was great.
  • They break something during sex
Jabi Phone Call (5x01)
  • They have sex twice.
  • Gabi sees Josh talking pictures of areas of himself and says it got weird.
  • Gabi sends Josh a picture of her breast to Josh, shocking him.
  • They both are jealous, thinking the other is seeing someone else.
  • They talk on the phone and watch videos together
  • Josh is excited when Gabi says the punch card is back on.
  • Gabi calls Josh Baby.
  • Josh says Gabi is sweet and innocent.
  • Josh puts his arm around Gabi when they're in bed.
  • Josh is about to call Gabi until she calls him.
  • Josh smiles big when Gabi calls him.

Young & Valentine's Day

Josh Carries Gabi
  • They both think the other has done something romantic for each other so get each other gifts
  • Gabi thinks Josh is going to propose to her
  • Josh is shocked to see Gabi in Mrs Willson's wedding dress.
  • They both say they don't want to marry each other.
  • Josh is confused to why Gabi kept the ring.
  • Josh carries Gabi out of her apartment bridal style.
  • They wish each other a happy valentine's day
  • Josh asks Gabi if he can have a dance with her and holds out his hand for her to take it, whilst asking "May I have this first dance?"
  • Gabi says "You may but it might be mushy and romantic". Josh then says "Hell with it" and Gabi happily replies "Okay!". They hold hands during the whole conversation.
  • They dance together.
  • They're both smiling happily when heading for a dance.
  • The waiter thinks Josh is proposing to Gabi and congratulates her.
  • Gabi wears the ring and Yolanda congratulates her.
  • Josh thinks Gabi has feelings for him.
  • They hug.
  • Gabi has her arms around Josh's neck during the dance, whilst his are around her waist.

Young & Kiki

Young & Kiki
  • They talk about Natasha Cook-Cambell.
  • Josh calls Gabi obssessed
  • They stand close together
  • Gabi smiles at Josh
  • They hug
  • They rescue Kiki together
  • They talk on the couch
  • Gabi tells Josh that if they were in a relationship, she would be "so hurt".
  • Josh says its a shame they aren't in a relationship because they work well together
  • Gabi agrees with Josh.
  • Gabi calls her and Josh a "power non-couple".
  • Josh grabs Gabi's shoulders when she wants to have a lock of Natasha Cook-Camboll's hair
  • Gabi and Josh both think Natasha says they are great together. Gabi says "Us?" and Josh says "Are you insane?", but Natasha than says "Not you, the dogs!"
  • Josh calls Gabi "a great chef, beautiful, young and oh so fun". He puts his arm around her and she smiles up at him.

Young & Josh's Dad

Josh comes onto Gabi
  • Gabi wants Josh to meet his dad.
  • Gabi is worried about Josh
  • Josh is mad at Gabi for running over his dad.
  • Josh calls Gabi and tricks her into believing he is with his dad
  • Josh explains to Gabi why his dad never wrote back.
  • Josh tries to sleep with Gabi
  • Gabi stops Josh
  • Josh tells Gabi he's looking at a spreadsheet, not his father's email.
  • They talk about his dad.
  • Gabi wants Josh to be happy.
  • Gabi puts her hand on Joah's arm
  • Josh apologises to Gabi for getting mad at her.

Young & Softball

Jabi Hug (5x05)
  • Gabi takes Josh and his dad out for a picnic.
  • Gabi goes to support Josh whilst he plays softball
  • They hug
  • Gabi tells Josh that his dad thinks he's gay
  • Josh wants to sleep with Gabi
  • Gabi says "Welcome back, straight Josh" flirtatiouly when he gets on top of her
  • Josh is mad at Gabi for not butting out
  • They make up
  • Josh calls Gabi a genius
  • Gabi is upset that Josh is mad at her.
  • Gabi makes Josh lunch to apologise

Young & Couchy

  • Josh flits with Gabi
  • Gabi gives Josh a confused look
  • They talk on the phone
  • Gabi sells Josh's office chair to get the couch.
  • Josh knows and figures out Gabi is in the back of the truck.

Young & Bridesmaids

Jabi (5x07)
  • Gabi visits Josh in his office and brings him a snack
  • Josh takes the knife out of Gabi's hand
  • Josh gets Gabi a ticket to go to Pauta Cana.
  • Gabi gets close to Josh when he's on the computer and he's smiling.

Young & Vegas Baby

Jabi in Las Vegas Hotel Room
  • Gabi says good morning to Josh
  • Josh throws Gabi a surprise birthday party, but she cries and gets her presents.
  • Gabi thinks Josh has sent her flowers
  • Josh is upset when he thinks Gabi isn't wanting to celebrate her birthday with him.
  • Josh almost admits he loves Gabi, but stops himself.
  • Josh calls Gabi
  • Gabi says to Mrs Willson that the love of her life could be on the other side of the door and Josh answers it, possibly fresadowing that Josh is the love of Gabi's life.
  • Gabi asks Josh what he's doing at the hotel.
  • Josh shows Gabi Paris, Venice and New York from the Vegas hotel room
  • Gabi calls Josh her hero.
  • Josh puts his arm around Gabi and she rests her head on his shoulder, whilst he tilts his head near her's.

Young & Hold

Jabi (5x09)
  • They drink wine together
  • Gabi toasts Josh for his date
  • Josh tells Gabi he has a date
  • Gabi is okay with putting the punch card on hold
  • Josh is making Gabi a website for her business.
  • Gabi thinks Josh is coming over so they can have sex and makes the room look romantic.
  • Josh calls Gabi amazing for understanding he has a date with Marisa and wishes her goodnight.
  • They realise and admit they are in love with each other
  • They decide to tell each other how they feel.
Josh Passed Out on Gabi
  • Gabi tells Josh she loves him 3 times.
  • Josh's eyes light up when Gabi says she loves him.
  • Josh holds Gabi's hand and almost tells her he loves her
  • They both smile lovingly at each other
  • Gabi is shocked when Josh passes out on her from hitting his head.
  • Josh and Gabi are in the hospital and she is worried about him.
  • Josh asks Gabi who she is.
  • Josh says the sex is nice, twice
Gabi & Josh in the Hospital
  • Gabi holds Josh's hand when he's lying in the hospital bed.
  • Gabi pretends to be happy for Josh about his date, although it's bothering her.
  • Josh doesn't want him and Gabi to be over, then says "I love her" 3 times.
  • They both go to each other's apartments to find each other.
  • Josh asks Gabi what happened and she asks him if he's okay.
  • When Gabi is talking to Vinny's parents about him and Marisa, Gabi ends up talking about her and Josh, realising she is in love with him.
  • When Josh passes out on Gabi, he lands on her lap.

Young & Amnesia

Gabi & Josh (5x10)
  • This is currently the true Jabi episode.
  • Josh remembers everyone, but Gabi
  • Gabi is upset and heartbroken that Josh doesn't remember her
  • Josh and Gabi are alone in the hospital room until Yolanda comes back in.
  • Gabi tries to jog Josh's memory
  • Josh looks around Gabi's apartment
  • Gabi says she has feelings for Josh
Jabi Kiss (5x10)
  • Gabi cries over Josh and thinks he may never remember her
  • Gabi mentions all the times she and Josh have dated and broken up. Its revealed they have dated and broken up 3 times.
  • When Sofia mentions Gabi needs a dress for her uncle's wedding, Gabi thinks Sofia is referring to her wedding to Josh, saying "Sofia my grilled cheese isn't that good", with a smile.
  • Gabi has the blanket she made Josh and hugs it, whilst crying
  • Sofia says to Gabi she believes Josh realised he had feelings for Gabi at her audition meal.
  • Gabi tells Josh about everything that has happened between them in the last 2 years.
  • Josh believes Gabi, but says "I think if I loved you, I would remember it", and she almost cries.
Tumblr oqdx1wST8e1qisc9uo4 400
  • Gabi decides to recreate the day she and Josh met, in hopes he will remember her.
  • Elliot decides to help Gabi by putting the song Closer on Josh's phone, so he will remember her.
  • Gabi is crushed when Josh chooses chef Michael Voltaggio as his chef and not her.
Tumblr oqdx1wST8e1qisc9uo5 400
  • When going out for a run, Josh listens to his and Gabi's song, Closer, which helps him remember her.
  • Elliot puts Closer onto Josh's phone, so that he will remember Gabi.
  • There are flashbacks of them from the Pilot, including when they sang the song together
  • Josh is thrilled when he remembers Gabi and goes after her on the train.
  • Josh continues to listen to Closer in the elevator
  • Gabi hears their song Closer and turns around to see Josh playing it on his phone
  • Gabi asks Josh what he's doing here and he tells her he remembers everything.
  • Josh gets chocked up and smiles when he says "I remember everything"
Gabi & Josh Leaning in for a Kiss (5x10)
  • Gabi looks worried and nervous and says "Everything where you did love me, or everything where you didn't love me?" She then says "I mean, who rushes on a train to tell someone they don't-" and Josh puts his hand near her cheek and kisses her.
  • Josh kisses Gabi to show he loves her when she thinks he doesn't.
  • Gabi pulls back, very happily saying "You do love me".
  • Josh smiles, saying "Yes I do. I love you, Gabi." While smiling, he looks like he is about to cry of happiness.
  • Gabi keeps her arms around Josh's neck and says "Aw. Do you remember the part where I told you I love you to, because I do", and Josh says "Yeah".
Tumblr oqdx1wST8e1qisc9uo6 400
  • They passionately kiss again.
  • They finally get back together again and admit they love each other
  • The episode ends with them kissing and back together.
  • Sofia thinks Josh is gonna remember Gabi and tell her he does love her
  • The crowd cheers and screams during both the kisses.
  • Their song Closer plays right to the end of the scene and whilst they kiss.
  • Gabi wraps her arms around Josh's neck just before their second kiss.
  • During their second kiss, Gabi moves her arms slightly lower, whilst Josh moves his further up her waist and a little into her hair, pulling her closer to him.
  • Josh appears to smiling against the kiss a little and deepening it.
  • It's shown in this episode, that Sofia, Elliot and Yolanda seem to ship Jabi
  • Josh calls Yolanda from the train, saying he's back together again with Gabi.
  • This is the forth time they have gotten back together.
  • They get back together for good.

Young & Downtown Gabi

Jabi Snuggle (5x11)
Jabi in the Elevator (5x11)
  • They lie in bed together, happily.
  • Gabi asks Josh to spend more time at her apartment, which he agrees on.
  • They are in their apartments together.
  • Josh holds Gabi's hands.
  • They call each other boyfriend and girlfriend.
  • They kiss a couple of times.
  • They cuddle in the elevator and Gabi is in Josh's arms.
  • They're making out as they come into Josh's apartment.
Jabi Hug (5x11)
  • Gabi keeps saying they're doing something (i.e. going into his apartment and having sex) for the first time as boyfriend and girlfriend.
  • Gabi wants Josh to say "I love you to her again". He does whilst smiling and she says she loves him too.
  • The crowed "aw's when they say "I love you" and they kiss.
Jabi "I Love You" Kiss (5x11)
  • They have sex a few times and Gabi wants to do it on the counter in her apartment.
  • Josh redecorates Gabi's apartment to make her feel better, but they end up arguing.
  • They both apologise to each other and Josh says he fell in love with Gabi for who she is.
  • They kiss and make up with a hug.
  • Gabi says she would have gone to prom with Josh and holds his hands.
  • Gabi says she is so happy with Josh.
  • Gabi calls Josh rich and handsome.
  • Josh calls Gabi beautiful and sexy.
  • When they are on the couch talking, they are holding hands.

Young & Third Wheel

Third Wheel11
Third Wheel16
  • They have dinner together on the balcony (with Sofia).
  • Gabi says being with Josh is great.
  • Josh seems a little annoyed with sofia being with them on the balcony because he wants more time with Gabi on his own.
  • They're both so happy they they said they loved each other and smile.
  • Josh says its okay when Gabi asks him if Sofia can stay at the penthouse over night because she's drunk.
  • They kiss on the balcony.
Jabi Kiss (5x12)
  • They almost kiss until Sofia interrupts them.
  • They are both smiling when they lean in for the kiss.
  • Josh whistles when Gabi opens her coat.
  • Josh tells Gabi he's upset and feels like a third wheel. Gai tries to make it up to him.
  • They cuddle in bed at Josh's.
  • They kiss in bed.
Jabi (5x12)
  • Josh is happy when Gabi shows up at his penthouse and she says she does want to spend time with him.
  • They make out in the kitchen.
  • Gabi says Josh would look cute in a meeting and he smile, kissing her again.
  • Josh tells Gabi he loves her.
  • They have dinner on the balcony
  • They make up.
  • Josh asks Gabi how she is doing without Sofia at his place.
  • Gabi tells Josh she loves him and he says "me too"
  • Josh gets Gabi a rose and calls her Babe.

Young & Communication

Jabi (5x13)
  • Gabi wants to spend time with Josh.
  • They use the term girlfriend and boyfriend.
  • They both don't want to say goodbye to each other.
  • Gabi calls Josh a considerate boyfriend.
  • Josh tells Gabi he loves her.
  • Josh calls Gabi the sweetest girlfriend ever.
  • Gabi goes to support Josh when he goes swimming.
  • They cuddle on the couch and Josh has his arm around Gabi.
  • Gabi tells Kenny that Josh is her boyfriend.
  • Gabi is scared that Josh is swimming and is releaved when he comes out safe.
  • Josh tells Gabi that the only reason he didn't tell her he wanted his alone time was so that she wouldn't get hurt or think he doesn't love her because he does.
  • Gabi says it's gonna be hard when Josh wants his alone time, but she understands because she loves him.
  • Sofia says that Josh is Gabi's boyfriend.
  • Josh waves to Gabi before he jumps in and she waves back, wishing him look.
  • Gabi says that Josh is the only man she's ever loved.
  • Josh doesn't want to hurt Gabi's feelings?
  • Josh says to Elliot that he loves Gabi and calls her his Gabi Cat.

Young & Handsy

Jabi (5x14)
  • They are in bed together.
  • Josh says Gabi cooked him an amazing meal and that he is so lucky to be with her.
  • Gabi says Josh is about to get luckier.
  • Gabi says she has a boss and a boyfriend she loves and Josh says he has a chef and a girlfriend he loves, referring to each other.
  • Gabi says "I love you" and Josh replies with "I love you more" with a smile a couple of times.
  • Josh kisses Gabi on the head and says goodnight to her.
  • Gabi says that she and Josh always say "You hang up first" when they're on the phone.
  • Gabi gives Josh a massage.
  • Josh says Gabi is cute.
Jabi "I Love You" Kiss (5x14)
  • Josh kisses Gabi on the head.
  • Josh says that he loves Gabi spending every night as his place and says its the perfect way to end the day.
  • Gabi mentions that she and Josh have been together before and its been screwed up, but now that they're in a real relationship, she doesn't want to screw it up.
  • Josh tells Gabi that just because they haven't had sex the last couple of nights, it doesn't mean their relationship is over.
  • Josh holds Gabi's hands and says "You"re stuck with me. I'm not going anywhere" and Gabi looks very touched.
  • They say "I love you" to each other and kiss.

Young & Mexico

  • They hug and are both smiling happily.
  • They both have their eyes shut in their hug, looking very comfortable.
  • They are in Josh's apartment
  • Josh and Gabi are in his living room.
  • Gabi tells Sofia she's had an amazing morning and afternoon with Josh.
  • Gabi says she and Josh have watched the sunset over the bay.
  • Josh says Gabi is one of the most beautiful things in his life.
  • Gabi apologises to Josh when she realises she forgot she needs to look after him after his lazer eye surgery,
  • Josh isn't mad at Gabi for forgetting she needs to look after him and understands that she wants to take Sofia to Mexico.
  • They chat on the phone.
  • Sofia calls Josh Gabi's boyfriend.
  • Gabi says Josh is the "sweetest boyfriend in the entire world".
  • They miss each other.
  • Gabi is willing to tell Sofia they'll go to Mexico next weekend for Josh's sake, but she says Gabi doesn't have to change her plans for him.
  • Sofia says Gabi was on the phone to Josh, FaceTiming, for the entire time they were driving to Mexico.

Young & Mexico Part 2

  • Josh is delighted to see Gabi after she returns from Mexico.
  • Gabi comes straight back to Josh's penthouse to see him.
  • Josh says "Yeeeeeees!" when he sees Gabi and goes straight in to hug her.
  • Josh says Gabi looks more beautiful than ever and she says he is very sweet.
  • Gabi wants to talk to Josh.
  • Josh caries Gabi in his arms.
  • Gabi says she wants to go upstairs and gives in even though she wants to take to him.
  • They kiss outside his office.
  • They have sex.
  • Josh says he wanted to "do something stupid like Gabi would".
  • Josh kisses Gabi.
  • Gabi asks for Josh's help, but he refuses to so at first.
  • They work together to get Sofia to admit she has feelings for Nick and to get Sofia and Nick together.

Young & Bullseye

  • They are in Josh's apartment together, ready for a date.
  • They go on a double date with Sofia and Nick.
  • Josh asks for Gabi's help after the cork breaks in the wine bottle.
  • They sit next to each other at the bar.
  • Josh asks Gabi to move in with him and she says yes.
  • Josh understands that Gabi isn't ready to live with him and says they'll live together when they are ready.
  • They talk about their future together.

Young & Motorcycle

Jabi Kiss (5x18)
  • Gabi shows Josh her new bike.
  • They hold hands.
  • Josh doesn't want Gabi to ride her motorcycle in case she gets hurt.
  • Gabi panics when hearing Josh fall off the bike and calls 911
  • They use the term boyfriend and girlfriend.
  • Gabi says Josh is the only guy she's ever truly loved.
  • Gabi is realived when Josh is safe.
  • They say "I love you" to each other and hug.
  • They kiss.
  • Gabi keeps her arms around Josh after they kiss.
  • It's revealed they are each others In Case of Emergancy.

Young & Magic

  • Josh reveals to Gabi he is a magician.
  • They are at his penthouse together alone.
  • Gabi worries that Josh is breaking up with her because he wants to tell her he's a magician.
  • Josh is nervous about telling Gabi he is a magician because he worries she will break up with him for it, but she doesn't.
  • Gabi suports Josh with his magic because she knows its something he loves.
  • Josh is releaved and calls Gabi his girlfriend.

Young & Yacht'in

  • Josh is planning on proposing to Gabi.
  • Josh tells Nick he is proposing to Gabi and is excited, but nervous.
  • They sit next to each other on the yacht.
  • Josh, as a suprise, introduces Gabi to Alex Guarnaschelli and tells her to shut her eyes.
  • Josh holds Gabi's hand since her eyes are shut.

Simarities and Differences


  • They are around the same age.
  • They both like romance and food.
  • They both like music.
  • They both listen to Tegan and Sara's song Closer.
  • They both dropped out of college
  • They both go out of their way to make others happy
  • They both have feelings for each other.
  • They both have episodes based around their birthdays. Josh's birthday is celebrated in Young & Thirty (...and getting married!), and Gabi's birthday is celebrated in Young & Vegas Baby.
  • They both like sleeping together.
  • They both say they are in love with each other in Young & Hold.
  • They both seem to afraid of squirrels.
  • They have the same friends.
  • They both say "I love you" to each other in Young & Amnesia.
  • They've both called each other Baby.
  • They've both been jealous of each other's relationships or even thinking about each other being in relationships.
  • They both like Friends
  • They both like Julia Child
  • They're both very passionate.
  • They both have each other as their In Case of Emergancy.
  • They were both going to propose to each other.


  • Josh is famous and Gabi isn't.
  • Josh has a big penthouse and Gabi doesn't.
  • Josh has a housekeeper and a publicist but Gabi doesn't.
  • Josh had a fiancé and Gabi was single. Gabi dumped her boyfriend and Josh was single.
  • Josh is a millionaire, Gabi isn't.
  • Josh drives an expensive car and Gabi drove an old clunker until Josh bought her a car
  • Gabi cooks and Josh doesn't.
  • Gabi doesn't have a private jet and Josh does.
  • Gabi's mom is dead, but Josh's is alive.
  • Gabi proposed to Josh when he was going to propose to her.


  • Jabi is the main and most popular pairing on the show.
  • They listen to Tegan & Sara's song, Closer
  • They get along naturally
  • They both dropped out of college
  • Josh has admitted to being jealous of Gabi's romances
  • Josh loves having sex with Gabi
  • Josh found it attractive when Gabi kissed Logan
  • Josh realizes his feelings for Gabi in Young & Thirty
  • Gabi learned to crochet for Josh
  • Gabi made a replica of a blanket his nana gave him
  • Josh dreams about Gabi every night, and cries when he can't have her
  • Gabi thought Josh was gonna ask her to marry him in Young & Earthquake, but he wasn't
  • Gabi kissed Josh in Young & The Next Day, leading them to becoming a couple
  • They broke up in Young & No More Therapy.
  • They still have feelings for each other as shown in season 4.
  • They constantly sleep together in Young & Screwed and try to do it without it leading to a relationship.
  • Josh has admitted he would be able to commit to Gabi
  • Josh told Gabi he loved her in Young & Pretty Woman and she kissed him. This was also their first kiss.
  • Josh admitted he still had feelings for Gabi in Young & Sandwich.
  • They start a "friends with benefits" relationship in Young & Screwed, which continues into season 5.
  • Season 5 finally answers "Will they or won't they?" for Gabi and Josh.
  • Jonathan Sadowski revealed his favorite Jabi moments are when Josh climbs up the fire escape with Roses for Gabi in Young & Thirty (...and getting married!), as well as their first kiss in Young & Pretty Woman. Jonathan also revealed episode 10 of the fifth season, Young & Amnesia, is a big Jabi episode and it is "right up there with Josh and the roses".[2]
  • Josh almost admits to Elliot and Yolanda, in Young & Vegas Baby, that he loves Gabi.
  • Gabi and Josh both say they are in love with each other in Young & Hold.
  • Josh forgets Gabi in Young & Amnesia and she tries to recreate their first meeting in hopes he will remember her.
  • Gabi is Josh's personal chef.
  • They first met in the Pilot and slept together for the first time, although they were drunk.
  • Gabi tells Josh she loves him in Young & Hold and he almost says it back to her.
  • They are like Ross and Rachel from Friends. Gabi and Josh are basically the modern day Ross and Rachel with them always having feelings for each other, but being too afraid to tell each other in case it complicates things, and having the on-again-off-again relationship throughout the series, but eventually figuring their feelings for each other out in Young & Amnesia (The Last One). They are also similar to Danny and Riley from Baby Daddy, with the on-again-off-again relationship but eventually ending up together.
  • Josh tells Gabi he loves her in Young & Amnesia.
  • They kiss and get back together again in Young & Amnesia.
  • They both say "I love you" to each other in Young & Amnesia.
  • The Young & Hungry writers have said Gabi and Josh's relationship is true love.[3]
  • Yolanda, Elliot, and Sofia all seem to ship Jabi, as seen in Young & Amnesia.
  • Gabi mentions in Young & Amnesia that she and Josh have broken up and gotten back together 3 times. Then at the end of the episode, they get back together again, meaning they have gotten back together 4 times.
  • There have been a couple of hints to Gabi and Josh possibly getting married sometime in the future. First in Young & Earthquake, when Gabi thinks Josh is going to ask for her hand in marriage and then in Young & Valentine's Day, when Gabi wears Ms. Wilson's wedding dress, which makes Josh believe Gabi loves him and Josh carrying Gabi out of the apartment bridal style to the restaurant, whilst she is still in the dress.
  • David Holden revealed in an interview that Gabi and Josh are back together for good.[4]
  • After realising Gabi is the love of his life, Josh is planning on proposing to Gabi in Young & Yacht'in.
  • They are each other's In Case of Emergency.
  • Gabi proposed to Josh in the final episode, but the question was unanswered. Despite this, Emily Osment said that Josh would have said yes to Gabi's proposal and they would have gotten married after the final episode.[5]



  • Young & Pretty Woman - Josh tells Gabi he loves her even though she is back with Cooper and she kisses him. Gabi decides to be with Josh instead of Cooper, but they don't start dating.
  • Young & Earthquake - Gabi goes to a sidekick for Sofia's benefit, but the sidekick tells Gabi a guy with a name beginning with J is gonna ask for her hand, which causes Gabi to believe that Josh is gonna ask for his hand in marriage. She agrees when she thinks they are gonna die from an earthquake, but he tells her it's not gonna happen.
  • Young & The Next Day - Josh tells Gabi that he is crazy about her and they kiss, becoming a couple again.
  • Young & Matched - Gabi and Josh make a bet to see if the other can get a date without being themselves, which leads to them fighting and sleeping together.
  • Young & Screwed - Josh and Gabi can't resist having sex and argot use punch cards to be able to stop sleeping together after using 10 punches. Its shown in this episode they still have feelings for each other.
  • Young & Punch Card - Gabi and Josh are using the punch cards, which causes Sofia to believe they are "not punch-card people", because of their feelings for each other. Gabi and Josh both agree that their new arrangement is best for both of them.
  • Young & Valentines Day - Gabi and Josh both think their new no strings attached relationship means they can skip valentines day and she mistakenly thinks he is going to propose to her. Josh caries Gabi out of Ms. Wilson's apartment bridal style and they share a slow dance together.
  • Young & Vegas Baby - Josh throws Gabi a surprise 25th birthday party, which goes wrong and buys her gifts. Although, Josh can't tell why Gabi is so down about her birthday and tries to figure it out. Whilst speaking with Elliot and Yolanda, Josh is worried about losing Gabi and almost slips up that he loves her. He says "I can't lose the girl that I-", before not wanting to say it and says "...I hired as my chef". In the end, Josh shows Gabi, from the Vegas hotel room, where New York, Paris, and Venice all are and she is touched.
  • Young & Hold - Their "friends with benefits" relationship is jeopardised when one of them meets someone else, but they both say they love each other, ("I'm in love with Josh!", "I love her") and Gabi tells Josh she loves him, but just as he is about to say it back to her, they both see a squirrel in the living room and Josh hits his head. Its revealed in the last scene that Josh has amnesia when he asks Gabi who she is, leaving the episode on a cliffhanger.
  • Young & Amnesia - Gabi becomes terrified when Josh gets amnesia and remembers everyone but her and the doctor tells Gabi Josh has to remember everything on his own. Gabi is devastated and heartbroken, scared Josh might never remember her and tries to convince Yolanda to help Gabi jog Josh's memory. Gabi decides to create the moment she met Josh in the Pilot, in hopes he will remember her. However, Josh stars to recognise Gabi's apartment, but mixes her and Sofia up, with him kissing Sofia, upsetting Gabi. When Gabi decides to make Josh a grilled cheese, like she did when they first met, as the role for the chef position, Josh decides to hire a professional chef, Michael Voltaggio, resulting in Gabi losing her job. Gabi is crushed and goes on a train with Sofia. However, when the train starts to leave, Josh catches Gabi on the train and tells her he remembers everything. Josh kisses Gabi with them both saying they love each other, and they officially get back together again, but this time for good.
  • Young & Downtown Gabi - Josh and Gabi are in love and embracing being an official couple, but Josh learns that Gabi is very messy, which causes them to argue, but Gabi apologises to Josh as she was worried her stuff and she were not good enough for him because he is rich and has expensive things. Josh apologises back for calling Gabi imiture and he loves her for who she is.
  • Young & Motorcycle - For Gabi's safety, Josh bans her from riding her new motorcycle, which causes Gabi to get mad and he takes the bike so she can't use it, but whilst they are on the phone, Gabi panics when Josh falls off the bike and says she has never loved anyone as much as she's loved him. Gabi is releaved when Josh is safe from the bike and they both agree to never ride it again.
  • Young & Yacht'in - Josh is planning on proposing to Gabi. Even though he didn't propose to her, she prosed to him.


  • Closer - Tegan and Sara. They played this song when Gabi made a trial dinner for Josh and Caroline in the Pilot and Josh and Gabi danced together in the scene. This song plays on Josh's phone in Young & Amnesia, which helps him remember Gabi, whilst flashbacks of the two of them singing it in the Pilot are shown and he plays it to her on the train, when they tell each other they love each other and officially get back together.
  • Let Me Call You Sweetheart - They slow danced to this song in Young & Valentines Day at a restaurant.


  • Josh's Blanket - Gabi crocheted it for him. Josh eventually returns the blanket to her, before she leaves for China with Cooper. In Young & Amnesia, it is shown that Gabi kept the blanket.
  • Roses - Josh had roses when he attempted to tell Gabi how he felt about her in Young & Thirty (...and getting married!). Josh also brought Gabi a rose for their date in Young & Third Wheel.
  • Punch Cards - They both used them to have sex, without being in a relationship.



  • 3 - They have broken up 3 times.
  • 4 - They have gotten back together 4 times.
  • 8 - Josh has 4 letters in his name and Gabi also has 4 in her name. 4+4 = 8. Also in season 5, they have said "I love you" to each other at least 8 times already.
  • 9 - In the ninth episode of season 5, Young & Hold, Gabi and Josh realise and admit they are in love with each other. Gabi tells Josh she loves him, but just as he is about to say it back to her, they both see a squirrel in the apartment, causing them both to jump and him to hit his head.
  • 10 - They got 5 punches each from 2 punch cards in Young & Screwed, adding up to 10. Also, in the tenth episode of season 5, Young & Amnesia, Gabi is hurting when Josh remembers everyone except her and is scared he may never remember her since he has amnesia so recreates the day they met, in hopes he will remember her. Josh remembers Gabi when there are flashbacks of them during the Pilot and they say they love each other, officially getting back together for good, with their song Closer playing during the scene.
  • 20 - In the 20th episode of season 5, Young & Yacht'in, Josh is finally planning on proposing to Gabi, but she proposes to him.


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