General Information
Full name Beverly
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Family and Friends
Children Cam
Production Information
First Appearance Young & Younger
Portrayed by Virginia Williams
Beverly is a guest character in series Young & Hungry.


Beverly is Cam's mom and she does not have a husband or boyfriend. She is raising a child on her own and she hopes he'll get into Berkeley.


Season 1

Young & Younger

Beverly was first seen hugging Cam in the hallway and telling him she loves him. When Gabi came to see Cam at his apartment, Beverly came to the door and introduced herself as Cam's mom. She thought Gabi was Cam's tutor, and she told Gabi that, to be honest, she first thought he wouldn't graduate. The oven alerted her and Beverly went back inside but came out again to ask Gabi if she wanted to stay for dinner. Gabi declined, but Beverly insisted on getting a selfie with Cam's "tutor" before letting her leave. Later, Beverly is seen going into the elevator with Yolanda. There she tells Yolanda that she isn't looking for a man because she is raising her child. Beverly shows Yolanda a picture, which she recognizes to be Gabi's new boyfriend.


  • She's Cam's mom.
  • She is single.
  • She loves her son.
  • She thought he wouldn't graduate.


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